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04-26-2007, 11:04 PM
Why don't we get DeAndre Jackson from Iowa State University? Not only am I suggesting this because I am an ISU fan, but because we need a punt returner. In the ESPN Draft Issue, it says he is a great corner but needs better ball skills. But he is a VERY dangerous kick/punt returner. He had 806 return yards in his Junior and Senior years. He can also deliver very hard hits.

While I'm talking, I'll talk about 1 more ISU player. Brent Curvey (pronounced Curvay). "Big Play Curvey" is what he is called. He just needs go get the 1st step off the line and it is most likely a sack or tackle. He has long arms, but he is short. He tends to stand up when looking for the ball. Nothing we can't fix.

With a little experience, these 2 guys can be great.