View Full Version : Ignore the Fluff

04-27-2007, 12:15 PM
Majority of the rumors regarding trading picks and interest in certain players is all a game of fluff to require additional draft picks. Are the Browns interested in Brady Quinn? Very possible; with that said could they be exagerating their interest maybe to gain a 2nd round pick from teams such as the Dolphins? Bottom line is that all rumors, questions, etc will be answered this Saturday.

I see the draft panning like this....

1) Raiders: Jamarcus Russell
2) Buccs: Calvin Johnson (acq from Detroit)
3) Browns: Joe Thomas
4) Lions: Gaines Adams
5) Cardinals: Levi Brown
6) Redskins: Amobi Okoye
7) Vikings: Laron Landry
8) Falcons: Adrian Peterson
9) Dolphins: Brady Quinn
10) Texans: Leon Hall
11) 49ers: Pat Willis
12) Bills: Darrelle Revis
13) Rams: Alan Branch
14) Panthers: Jon Beason
15) Steelers: Adam Carriker
16) Packers: Marshawn Lynch
17) Jaguars: Reggie Nelson
18) Bengals: Lawrence Timmons
19) Titans: Robert Maechem
20) Giants: Joe Staley
21) Broncos: Jarvis Moss
22) Cowboys: Ted Ginn Jr.
23) Chiefs: Justin Blalock
24) Patriots: Brandon Merriweather
25) Jets: Greg Olsen
26) Eagles: Michael Griffin
27) Saints: Chris Houston
28) Patriots Paul Poluszny
29) Ravens: Ryan Kalil
30) Chargers: Dwayne Bowe
31) Bears: Ben grubbs
32) Colts: justin Harrell