View Full Version : Nintendo - Saturo Iwata speaks; Kojima talks Super Smash Bros. Brawl

04-27-2007, 07:37 PM
Nintendo president Saturo Iwata held a conference with Japanese media today to talk about Nintendo's plans. Summary...

- 45 Wii games, 79 DS games being developed by Nintendo, first info on these games at end of Summer

- Many of these games are “real gamer games” such as Super Mario Galaxy

- Wii production increased, 14 million for next fiscal year

- Increased Wii shipment should become apparent next month

- 2.5 million DS units being made a month, this tops the GBA popularity height which was 2.3 million a month

- Iwata’s goal isn’t in pushing hardware, it’s in selling software. Long term final goal is 300,000,000 units of software sold

- The above figure includes Nintendo games and third party games

- Wiimote/Nunchuck for FPS games was talked about again. Iwata says Metroid Prime 3: Corruption testers are saying current setup feels very close to keyboard and mouse.

- Iwata hopes that EA can innovate with their sports titles due to the Wiimote/Nunchuck

- 3.3 million Virtual Console titles were downloaded. Specific details on game by game basis were not given

- Iwata doesn’t plan on bringing their software to cell phones at this time

- Nintendo is already looking a number of different options for hardware development on future consoles



Hideo Kojima's latest podcast in Japan says that he got a chance to play a near finished copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl...

Sakurai and Kojima talked about Brawl, and apparently the two have been playing the game together. Kojima makes a few comments about Brawl in general saying that the game feels very complete, it is a lot of fun, and if Nintendo released it now it would probably sell millions of copies.

We also find out that during their matches, Sakurai played as Mario and Kojima played as Snake. Kojima jokes about how he couldn’t bring himself to beat up Mario out of respect for the character.