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05-21-2007, 06:05 PM
It seems everything we know about Red Steel 2 (http://www.joystiq.com/tag/redsteel) we know from job postings, including its very (http://www.nintendowiifanboy.com/2006/11/29/red-steel-2-semi-confirmed/) existence (http://www.nintendowiifanboy.com/2007/01/18/looks-official-at-last-red-steel-sequel/). The latest rumblings stem from a job opening on Gamasutra (http://jobs.gamasutra.com/jobseekerx/viewjobrss.asp?cjid=10433&accountno=389) from developer Ubisoft seeking an online programmer specifically for Nintendo Wii.

The position is for a studio in Paris, "where Red Steel and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter games have been developed." The listing also notes that "knowledge of Unreal" (presumably the engine) is a plus.

Nothing has been confirmed; Ubisoft has committed to making a plethora of Wii games, meaning than any possible unveiling might be a ways off.


The first game was definitely a let down. I had very high hopes for it up until the point I was able to play it. The concept was fine though, and it is currently still a unique avenue to run with on the Wii. Since the first game was a launch title(which often suck), the Wii was a very unique approach to console development, AND this will be developed on an all new engine...

I think this could very well be a hit for the Wii. If the rumor is true about it being online, that would give way to far greater possibilities. The Wii needs something like this.

05-21-2007, 08:54 PM
I hope they fix the controls, Sometimes when I swing the sword up or down , it doesn't respond well.

Especially with some of the special moves.