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07-24-2003, 04:33 PM
This is a post that was written on another site, by another poster.With his permission, here it is:

Senate Bill 722
The coming regulation of the Supplement industry now has a face and a sponsor: Sen. Durbin from Illinois.

It is imperative that everyone who has concern for the future of dietary supplementation write/call/fax/e-mail/smoke signal their US Senator and Congressman now!

Let them know (nicely of course) of your opposition to S 722, and that you want to continue to have access to dietary supplements and pro-hormones.

Some high points of the bill:

1. Would regulate all supplements as "drugs" this includes the following catagories:
Vitamins (really)
Protein Powder
Upon the first instance of an "adverse event" in which the supplement is involved the FDA could FORCE THE ITEM OFF OF THE SHELVES EVEN IF THERE IS NO CASUAL LINK BETWEEN THE SUPPLEMENT AND THE EVENT.

Hypothetically, a person taking vitamin C, who also eats bacon every morning for breakfast, has a heart attack, the FDA could pull that brand of vitamin C from the shelves until company X proves (through expensive studies) that the Vitamin C does not increase heart attack risk.
(this is a sensationalized example, but insert Glutamine, etc in the place of Vitamin C)

2. Regulates all pro-hormones, stimulants, and substances designed "to promote muscle growth, or advertised to promote muscle growth" into the controlled substances catagory.

Potentially a man taking DHEA or 1-AD would be transformed into a criminal overnight.

This has to stop now, and the bodybuilding community has to stop it!!

Don't wait, start writing/calling/faxing/e-mailing/smoke-signalling today, if we don't rally, it will be too late.

Bobby Humphrey
07-24-2003, 11:43 PM
i would vote against this law, but they don't let inmates vote, so its up to u guys.