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07-25-2003, 01:26 AM
As a quick aside I thought I'd get a quick opinion about a number of trades that have been made by a member of my FFL. He thinks he's a genius we all think he's lost his mind but I'm curious what people outside the league might think. When looking at these trades keep in mind that this is a six person keeper league.

1. He received Anthony Thomas in exchange for a 2nd round pick.
2. He sent David Boston, his first round pick, AND Eddie George away for Koren Robinson.
3. He received Marshall Faulk in exchange for Mike Vick, Trung Canidate, and a supplemental draft pick (if you don't keep six you get to pick in the supp-round so this pick is essentially a pre-first round pick.)
4. He traded Koren Robinson (yes, the same one he gave up Boston for) for Kevin Barlow.
5. He traded Travis Henry for Stephen Davis and Donald Driver.
6. He traded Donal Driver for Matt Hasselbeck and Antowain Smith.

In summarry he traded away Mike Vick, David Boston, Eddie George, Koren Robinson, Trung Canidate, Donald Driver, Travis Henry and one first, one second, and one supplemental pick for the services of Matt Hasselbeck, Anthony Thomas, Stephen Davis, Marshall Faulk, Antowain Smith and Kevin Barlow. Somehow that all just seems to be completely asinine to me, but maybe I'm biased. Thoughts?

stan marino
07-25-2003, 09:30 AM
Yup I'd have to agree with u on that one...What a dumbass.