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06-10-2007, 08:35 PM
These can be specific jobs or broad concepts that get overlooked by the media, and fans...

QB- I think a QB's PA fake is one of those things that never gets talked about, but is oh so important to an offense. That little bit of hesitation that a good PA fake will give is all you need to make a play successful. It can also help a running game too.

RB- Vision, all the great RB's know exactly the right gap to run through. Just look at our current league MVP, I've never seen him pick the wrong hole. Obviously, making the right split second decision will ensure that the offense gets the most yards possible.

FB- everything about the FB position is underrated if you ask me. They usually throw the most pivotal block on every running play.

TE- This one easy, people always seem to forget to talk about how well a TE blocks. Fans, media, and coaches alike get too obsessed with pass catching numbers.

WR- Same thing, everyone seems to talk about WR's catching passes (which is much more understandable considering that's their main job), but you can not forget about how important a stock block is to an outside running play.

OL- Same thing as the FB. The O Line usually doesn't get talked about enough to find an underrated aspect of rating the position. I guess I would probably say a lineman's footwork for this one.

DE- In the modern NFL a DE's main job is to pass rush, and while any good defense needs a pass rushing threat, you can't ignore that player's run stopping ability. Most of the biggest gains on the ground come right through the inside the tackle gap. Another important thing people don't talk about is a DE's ability to defend a screen pass. Jason Taylor is the best in the league at that IMO.

DT/NT- It all depends on who you talk to for this position. Most casual fans will rate a DT on how many sacks and tackles they get, while smarter fans seem to look at how well they hold up in the trenches. A Great DT or NT will be able to hold his own (freeing the LB's from potential blockers), and also make a few plays here and there.

LB's- The most underrated part of all LB"s (interior and exterior) is their ability to cover. Everyone assumes getting covered by a LB is a mismatch, but the most complete players will be able to do both. Take Brian Urlacher for an example

DB's- I think with the secondary positions people need to stop looking at stats and actually watch the games. I don't think a CB should be rated by how many int's he gets a season because if no one throws your way, it is pretty hard to grab a pick.

Tell me what you think about this!

06-12-2007, 09:12 AM
I think you nailed all the things I would say. i can't add to it at the moment.

06-12-2007, 11:03 AM
you can not forget about how important a stock block is to an outside running play.

And Hines Ward is arguably the best WR who knows how to block.

06-14-2007, 03:05 PM
And Hines Ward is arguably the best WR who knows how to block.yep, that's exactly who I had in mind