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Tai Mai Shu
06-11-2007, 02:00 PM
FOXBORO, Mass. -- We interrupt this offseason to bring you football. Real, live football from the practice fields of the New England Patriots.
Tom Brady's sending Randy Moss in motion in one direction and Wes Welker the other way and calling signals -- "White! Twenty! White-twenty!! setHUT!!!'' -- and suddenly a group of wretched scribes begin to see what all the March and April fuss was about. And after Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson,the pit bull stuff and the overdone coverage of the draft, I have to say it felt pretty good to be watching the real thing on a chilly morning out on real grass.

It's obvious the Patriots have a lot of options in the passing game now, and they put them on display in the final mini-camp last week. There were the usual formations (Moss and Donte' Stallworth split wide, Welker in the slot, Ben Watson in the formation at tight end), but there were some interesting ones too, including Moss in the slot, running underneath. On one play, Brady could choose from Stallworth doing a 12-yard in-cut, Moss (from the slot) doing a short curl, Jabar Gaffney running a deep out (from the right slot), and Welker motioning from the slot, running a post. You'd think Moss would be running the deep post, not Welker, and you'd think Welker would be running the short curl, not Moss.

"I think we're going to be really versatile,'' Brady said. "I think this is a group of guys who can be different and do different things and who I think are going to fit in because they're unselfish. That's what we've developed here. Ask Troy Brown what his favorite season was, and he won't answer, 'It's when I caught 101 balls.' He'll say, 'It's when we won our Super Bowls.'"
I'd like to have asked Troy Brown that, but he wasn't in Pats-land last week. He may never be again -- though I'm guessing if he signs (which is no lock), he'll make the team somehow, some way. But he's 36 and coming off knee surgery, so his path to the roster is pockmarked because of the new receiver depth. I haven't even mentioned a decent fourth or fifth guy, Kelley Washington, signed as a free agent from Cincinnati. He might not even make the team.

Early thoughts on the Patriots:

1. There is no question that, if he stays healthy, Laurence Maroney is going to be one of the 10 biggest offensive forces in the NFL this year. Think when the Pats use a formation with Stallworth and Moss as bookend wideouts, with Welker in the slot and Watson at tight end. Let's say you're in the nickel, and your strong safety comes down for Watson. Let's say you hand Stallworth to your second corner (risky in itself) and man-cover Welker with your third corner. That leaves Moss with a corner, maybe trying to bump him, with a safety over the top. That's five defenders accounting for four receivers. So that leaves six in the box to account for the shifty and powerful Maroney. With one caveat: Maroney's right shoulder, a source of concern early in the offseason with the ultra-secretive Patriots, still seems to bother him. He favored the right arm in practice last week, seven weeks from the start of training camp.

2. I wrote about Moss in Sports Illustrated this week, and I came away from here thinking it's going to work -- so long as he stays healthy and Brady gives him enough chances to score touchdowns. Those are big ifs, but not monumental ones. I asked Rodney Harrison if he thought Moss was still Moss. "Are you kidding me, Peter?'' he said. "Are you kidding me? He runs the same as I've seen him. You watch him this year. Watch any team that tries to put its best cornerback on him one-on-one. I can't wait to see that. He will eat you alive. Ain't no way he's lost his legs.''

3. Brady's so clearly the leader of the pack it's not even debatable. "Tom's so competitive that you don't want to mess up around him,'' said Stallworth. "He's playing like he's trying to make the ballclub -- even here in the spring. He's so serious. He figures we don't have much time out here and he's not going to waste any of it.''

4. Gut feeling: Moss is going to keep his nose clean, shut up, and stick everyone's negative opinions about him (including mine) where the sun don't shine.

5. Harrison, recovered from his broken shoulder blade seven months ago, is running free and easy. He didn't look 34 last week.

6. I still worry about the defense's ability to get off the field on third down. Particularly against Peyton Manning. They're not alone, of course. But it's dangerous when you know your offense is probably going to have to score in the high 30s to beat anyone, and that's how I see New England's chances against Indy right now.

One final Patriots note: the dumbest thing you could write about New England right now is that owner Bob Kraft, coach Bill Belichick and personnel veep Scott Pioli are loading up for one last Super Bowl run. I don't know how long Belichick is going to coach, but it's not like he signed a bunch of Roger Clemenses. Moss is 30 and may be past the midpoint of his career, but other additions like Stallworth, Welker and Adalius Thomas are basically at their prime. "This program's not falling off anytime soon,'' Harrison said.

Your thought???

06-11-2007, 03:47 PM
Pats have won the SB when he predicted when they will not and floundered when he picked them 2 times in a row.

From the minicamp even though all this guys are working out in reality cadwell and jabber seem to showing some good stuff as they are familar with brady.i expect cadwell to have more effect as he will not be covered by #1 cb and safety this year.

Last but not the least,every blogger has mentioned from minicamp that brady has bluked up and his arm is looking bigger.

Also,Adiaus thomas is lining up in mike position sending brushi,vrabel to their natural palying position after the retirement of ted johnson.AD might not have the numbers but brushi and vrabel are going to do some damage.

06-11-2007, 04:21 PM
King usually has good insight but is dead cold when picking Superbowl winners. So I'm glad he is praising us and still picking the Colts.

06-11-2007, 05:32 PM
hes right :)

06-15-2007, 02:12 PM
He really went out on a limb by picking the Super Bowl Champions to win another. Jeeze.

He is such a Pats homer it is crazy.


07-02-2007, 10:45 AM
Every article from King is basically about the Patriots. He is one of the biggest homers I've ever seen.

07-04-2007, 04:04 PM
I'm inclined to agree with the man, on most of his points. I, however, don't think Manning is going to be as much of a threat this year. I predict the Pats will beat the Colts in the one regular season game by 10 points, and if they play each other again in the playoffs, I predict the Pats to win by 7-10 points.

Only one thing I might add about Randy Moss. If he comes to the Pats thinking it's going to be the Randy Moss show, he won't work out very well for them. He definitely needs to realize the Pats play as a team, and he needs to be a member of that team. NO SHOWBOATING!!

'Nuff said!