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06-13-2007, 05:15 PM
I have been a fin fan for most of my life. I am 22 and live in upstate new york where being a fin fan usually comes with some harassment from Jets, Bills, and Pats fans. I take it well and give it back even better. I know a lot about the NFL and have been a hardcore fan of the game sinse the 3rd grade. I went to the Jets Dolphins game in miami last year on christmas to show my dedication...and even choked my best friend (who was in a curtis martin jersey) as we were wearing santa hats for all to see on the jumbo-tron. It was a great experience. Front row seats too...home sideline right behind the bench. I am going to another game this year in september when we take on the raiders. Its my buddies 21st birthday so we are going to be going crazy. well hey i think i have said enough and hopefully i am welcomed into this fine fin community.

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Welcome aboard!

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welcome to the boards! :wave:

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Welcome shag. Sit down and have a cider with me :)

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Shula Come Back!
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Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome to Finheaven!