View Full Version : I'm so sick of the Lions

07-01-2007, 12:57 PM
The Lions QB John Kitna and WR Mike Furrey and the rest of the team is calling 10-12 wins. Yea that won't happen with their D or the offensive line. I understand that they had a high draft pick ( like always ) and they think that this is their year but they can't go and demand things they know they can't do. I don't see why Kitna is talking trash he was the most sacked QB in the league. I really don't understand why Furrey is talking either he had like two good games and one of them was on the Rams secondary. So i don't get the Lions they don't deserve to talk after that terrible season. I think they deserve to talk when they begin to win over 5 games. Plus do they really think they can improve that much they have barley even brought anyone to help them out exept for Calvin Johnson and Tatum Bell, but does that matter their O line and D is a bunch of trash. Their D is already bad enough saying they lost Dre Bly now they don't even have a defensive leader and I don't even know who their cordinater is but who cares. They don't have a great coach anyway they stack up on WR and forget the line. Not to mention Martz doesn't even run the ball so whats the point of bringing in Bell.