View Full Version : Met a Chargers Offensive Lineman Today

07-03-2007, 09:19 PM
Hey everyone! I'm interning this summer with the Philadelphia Force, which is a professional women's fastpitch softball team. Anyway, one of the players on the team is in a relationship with Erik Robertson, a newly signed rookie offensive guard/center for the Chargers out of Cal U. Anyway, he was hanging around the practice today and standing near him, he's 300+ lbs of muscle, complete with tattoos running up and down his arms and legs. I talked with him with a couple minutes about football and how it feels to be in the pros and he seemed mostly modest about it. He just says it's a great experience so far and hope it continues. Also talked about Coach Tedford at Cal and he said he's a great coach and he teaches a lot to different players. That's it, I found it interesting that an average guy like myself was able to talk to a NFL player.

P.S. - I had on the Phins hat today and he didn't give a comment on it, oh well :rolleyes:.