View Full Version : Looking A Cool Dolphins Logo for a Tattoo

01-19-2008, 04:31 PM
I have been considering a tattoo but couldnt come up with anything i would want to look at the rest of my life. When I really thought about it, i realized the only thing I have LOVED since I was 10, 34 years ago, is the Miami Dolphins. SO a DOlphins tattoo only made sense.:up: I am having trouble find some cool logo to use. I dont want the standard helmet logo, but want it to be obvious that it is MIAMI DOLPHINS and not just a dolphin. I really like the finheaven dolphin, i just wish it was a full size pic instead of a banner. If anyone makes or finds any cool, tough dolphins pix that would make a great tattoo, let me know by responding to this post including the photo.
Thanks for your help. I feel a lot better about next year since we gutted the Cowboys coaching staff.