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01-28-2008, 10:28 PM
Hey guys..been trying to log on since the senior bowl and the site was down or something. but here it is anyway.... my breakdown of the senior bowl.


Henne..... got off to a very slow start. Had a fumbled snap at one time, and came on late with some pretty good throws. Had 2TD's one was lucky, and very poorly thrown, the other a good pass. He was probably the second most impressive qb to me.

Brennan... exactly what I thought of him going into this game, is pretty much what I saw. I don't think he is nfl ready at all, for anything other than a project. A pic, that was not good, and another that was dropped by a defender who had it right in the bread basket.

Booty... For all the hype I heard about this dudes accuracy, it seemed to be missing in action for awhile. Realizing this is only one game, I will give him the Benefit of the doubt, but I wasn't very impressed. Late throws, low throws, A fumbled snap that resulted in a turnover. A redzone pic, that completely turned me off. On a good note, he threw some very good intermediate routes. I don't like that he only seems comfortable out of play action, although he did better in the second half, like henne did.

Flacco... Didn't get to see near enough to make a valued decision. 6 foot 6 inches, this dude is tall and solid too. 232lbs I think.. Had some high throws, some behind, had pic, but he threw a few passes very well across his body. Had a red zone TD, that was ruled incomplete, that I am still convinced should have been a td. Oh well. Didn't see him at all in the second half. would have liked to see him more.

Ainge... surprisingly enough, this guy looked the best in my opinion.. very efficient, I think he was over 80% at one time. sets up screen passes very well, throws a good ball at the routes under 20 yards. seems to take good command in the huddle. I didn't expect this from him, as we didn't hear much of him throughout the week of practice.

woodson... did not look good to me at all. Had one pass on a hitch route that was just pathetically behind the receiver, a sack for a TO and a safety to boot. this guy reminded me a lot of the one hit wonder for the iowa hawkeyes a few years ago.. brad banks.

though definately not worthy of a #1 overall pick... ainge is a guy teams could look at in later rounds.. I don't know if the dolphins will be one of those teams, but he certainly helped himself more than hurt him.

Henne, I don't think hurt himself or helped himself much. Already being a lot of draft gurus #2 qb, I don't think he leapfrogs matt ryan, but I don't think anyone takes his place at # 2 either.

Booty...I think he drops a bit based solely on the game. THe combine or pro days might dictate something else, but for all the praise this guy was getting for being the most pro ready, I just saw a nervous unready to play qb that night.

Brennan and woodson... certainly have to drop stockwise. Brennan probably worse than woodson. these guys need some help, right now, they are both projects I would just as soon shy away from.

flacco... i was impressed with him during practice, but didn't get to see much of that practice translated into game situations. I think with the right QB coach, this dude can come along faster than some of us may think.

My qb rankings as of right now...

Matt Ryan
Chad Henne
Brian Brohm

have to wait and see how much I think they fluctuate after the combine.

thoughts... opinions... lets hear em!!

01-28-2008, 11:11 PM
Thanks for the breakdown! I didn't have a chance to watch the game so I was curious how the QBs looked.

I'm a UT homer so I was naturally cheering for Ainge - glad to hear that he did well and led his team on the winning score. I think Ainge will be a good, serviceable QB in the Pros who will be drafted in the 3-5 round. If the trade goes through with Dallas providing Miami with a solid two-headed running game, I think Ainge would make a great backup/project QB to Beck.

01-29-2008, 10:57 AM
you just may be right. He handled the pressure well, I liked his take charge attitude. He didn't seem to panic, and he was nervous you didn't see it much.

Damn I can't wait for the draft to get here.
If any of the WR trade rumors pan out, we virtually will have a probowl WR and probowl RB...barring any injuries of course. than we can certainly bulk up the D through the draft.

01-29-2008, 11:49 AM
I really wish the draft would be this weekend. It sucks having to sit and wait so damn long.

I appreciate the breakdown tho. I didn't get to watch the game but from watching games earlier in the season I have to agree with your points.

Woodson as a 4th? I'd take him. But I'd rather have Flacco/Henne/Ainge.

01-29-2008, 12:32 PM
What I saw from Ainge was pretty much what the Vols got out of him this year, a lot of short passes, screens and dump offs; I believe his longest pass in this game went for about 15 yds. He really struggled with the longer passes this past year, so it's not surprising that he didn't attempt anything long. He also struggled this year with throwing on the run, and I noticed that the one he threw in the game only went about a yard passed the LOS. All-in-all, Martz pretty much only called plays that he knew Ainge was comfortable with, and not much else.

Personally, I hope we don't draft him because I feel like it'd be a waste of a draft pick, but if we do draft a qb late, I prefer Flynn.

Also, there's Josh Johnson, and even though I've only seen him once (Shrine game), I thought Johnson looked totally in control of that game. Of course, in games of this type, the defenses are pretty much vanilla, but heck, anytime a Qb has 43 tds to only 1 int for the year (I read that the 1 int actually hit the Wr in the chest), you have to take notice, especially when he looks good in, essentially, an all-star type game .