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02-02-2008, 10:31 AM
2008 NFL Mock DraftPickTeamTeam NeedsSelectionPositionCollege
1Miami Dolphins DL, QB, LB
Chris Long Defensive EndVirginiaLet us first say that we are psyched - PSYCHED - that Bill Parcells will have the first overall pick. As one of the NFL's best talent evaluators it will be interesting to see who he believes is the best prospect in this year's draft class. However, the best part of the next couple of months will be watching Parcells lie to our faces (completely excusable in this case because of its comedic value), insult members of the media and then ultimately pick the guy everyone figured he was going to take all along. As psyched as we are, we cannot ignore the possibility of a trade- down. Clearly this Miami team has many needs and 'The Tuna' wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't, at least, listen to potential offers. Also, you should not turn a blind eye to the relationship between Parcells and Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones - or the two 1st round picks Jones has in this upcoming draft. How about something like this for a potential deal:
"Miami's #1 overall pick for both of Dallas' 1st round picks and linebacker Bobby Carpenter."
Jerry Jones put the NFL on notice when he spoke of his interest in drafting Darren McFadden of Arkansas. He has yet to proclaim whether he is interested in using that much cap space on a guy who has zero NFL experience, but enough about trades.
Clearly there will be some notable defections/departures from South Beach this off-season. Look for a few long standing defensive veterans to find themselves out of work during the next couple of months. Rebuilding this defense will probably be Parcells' chief concern, or will it be finding a franchise quarterback? Recent history would tell us that defense is the most likely place for him to start. Parcells had a combined six day-one picks in 2005 and 2006 while at Dallas - 5 of the 6 selections were used on defense including 3 first-rounders. It appears that Parcells will have a certain amount of "creative control" with this team and the most obvious place for The Tuna to make his mark would be to acquire the necessary talent to field a 3-4 defense similar to the one he built in Dallas.
Our pick is sure to change at least 5 times between now and late-April, but assuming the 'Phins keep this pick they will choose Chris Long because Parcells loves the pedigree and sees him becoming that cornerstone defensive end necessary to every successful 3-4 defense.


VT Dolphan
02-02-2008, 10:40 AM
Agreed. If we keep it, I see a lot of signs pointing to Chris Long being the pick. He is arguably the safest pick in this draft, and if there is one thing we haven't done lately is invest in safe picks. Parcells has a good relationship with Al Groh, and that cannot be discounted.

Also, lol at the mock's 32nd pick.