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02-08-2008, 06:28 PM
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Our own MDS (yeah, AOL, we're claiming him) makes an astute observation regarding the still-unfolding drama known in these parts as Spygate II.

If (and we know that's a big "if") it's ultimately proven that the Pats spied on the Rams' final walk-through practice prior to Super Bowl XXXVI, who besides New England coach Bill Belichick will have both legs knee deep in doo-doo?

As MDS points out, Jets coach Eric Mangini, Browns coach Romeo Crennel, and Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan were all on Belichick's staff at the time (and they worked for the Patriots, too -- man, we can never get enough of that adolescent humor). To the extent that the Pats were using knowledge of plays that the Rams would run from specific formations, those three defensive coaches might have known something about it.

But let's take this a step farther. As the rumor in NFL circles goes (and it's only a rumor), Belichick warned NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last year that if the Spygate issue ever comes up again Belichick will tell all that he knows about cheating in pro football. Even if that rumor isn't true, it's hard to imagine that any cheating (if it's happening) started in New England at the beginning of the current decade.

If he did it, Belichick likely learned it from someone else. And one of those potential someones is now the V.P. of football operations in Miami.

Belichick was Bill Parcells' defensive coordinator for two Super Bowl wins with the Giants, and later worked for him again with the Jets. Ironically, Belichick was the Steve Spagnuolo 17 years ago of a Giants team that somehow topped an AFC East team with a high-octane offense.

Look, we're not saying what will, would, or should happen here. But if Belichick gets called to the principal's office again, this time he might sing (if, of course, he has anything to sing about -- or, as the more fastidious in the crowd would say, about which to sing). And if/when he does, we can't only look at the guys who worked for him; we also need to look at the guys for whom he once worked.

When stupidy and drinks mix this happens :sidelol:

The Confessor
02-08-2008, 06:30 PM
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02-08-2008, 09:05 PM
Opinion pieces by Mike Florio are rarely reliable.
If its true then all invloved need to be punished severely though.