View Full Version : Video Clips of Willis McGahee?

08-16-2003, 01:50 PM
Does anyone have any clips or know of any websites where i can find video of Willis McGahee running. Bills fans seem to think this guy is the next Walter Payton/Emmitt Smith if he can regain his old form. Unfortunately, i am more of a pro football fan than a college football fan. I didn't really watch mcgahee play when he was there, and instead of reading numerous scouting reports(which seem to indicate the bills may have gotten a steal), i'd like to see for myself what type of cuts and explosiveness this guy has/had. I'd appreciate it

Thanks in advance

08-16-2003, 02:12 PM
he's months away from fully healing...I think it's 18 months for full recovery....he was insane at UM...people will say, "well, look who he was playing with"...well, look at Edgerrin James, and Clinton Portis...McGahee had 1700+ yards and 28tds before the Fiesta Bowl..so he put those #'s up in 11 or 12 games...not too shabby.

all in all, I'd still like to keep Henry and trade Willis in a couple years...Henry is a bruiser, and he quietly had an incredible season last year

btw, i have no video..should have cuz i've had season tix the last 2 years, but dont