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03-01-2008, 02:27 PM

It sounds like science fiction, but believe it or not, that's exactly what happened to Moshe Stern, head of C.En (Clean Energy), who says his company's scientists have developed a revolutionary breakthrough that will enable automobile manufacturers to produce - and sell - cars that use hydrogen power. It's a breakthrough that has been getting a lot of attention - and oil companies got wind of it, too, with one company allegedly offering him $50 million to shelve his project.

Stern didn't take the money, though; he intends to see his hydrogen car project through. And as a result, he says, for the first time the West has an opportunity to make a real dent in its dependence on OPEC oil.

Run'n'gun Udown
03-06-2008, 12:02 PM
Good I can't wait for these new kind of vehicles to come out. It's a shame the large auto companies act the way they do. All they care about is money, it makes me believe they are all lowlife scum.!