View Full Version : AFC East primer: No fine finish for Dolphins

08-26-2003, 04:27 PM

My breakdown of the division for 2003, in which I find out that I'm not getting caught up with the Fish again:

I'm picking: Buffalo. This was by far the toughest division for me to figure out. I still can't believe that only the Jets made it out of here last season and both the Patriots and Dolphins did not play beyond Week 17.

So, of course the only logical thing is taking the Bills to go from worst -- if you call going 8-8 and finishing a game behind the other three teams "worst" -- to first.

They were smart to deal Peerless Price with Josh Reed in waiting and spent their money where they needed it -- on a defense that gave up 397 points last season. Gregg Williams is a defensive-minded coach, and with Sam Adams and Takeo Spikes helping to increase his front seven's playmaking quotient, there will be less pressure on a talented young secondary, allowing it to also make more big plays.

Reed will benefit much like Price did, getting favorable coverage and looks because both Travis Henry and Eric Moulds are tough enough to handle. The key to the offense avoiding slumps, however, is Drew Bledsoe being more consistent.

It all starts in Week 1 when Bledsoe faces off against his former coach/nemesis, Bill Belichick, at home. Belichick coached New England to an easy sweep of the Bills that kept them out of the playoffs last season.

Winning one against the Pats will give this team much confidence, and the Bills will continue their rise from 3-13 two years ago to. . . .11-5

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