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03-30-2008, 11:09 AM
Hey guys, i was wondering if its alright with you photoshop wizards to request a custom wallpaper? its nothing for this forum, nor is it dolphins related, but ive been on this board for a few years now and i get more and more impressed with the work you guys do. especially In_Flames.

well anyway, if it is possible, i would greatly appreciate it guys...heres a detailed description of what I'm looking for. I added as much detail as possible just to make it easier for the artist...

Color Scheme:
Lots of bright colors, fluorescents. 80's style colors. try to have some . Try to incorporate #0099ff and #996633 in there if possible, so that it matches with the rest of my settings, but its not needed if it doesnt match the rest of the image.Images:
I want to have a lot of Old School 80's Hip-Hop culture refrences so images like these would be useful:
http://modculture.typepad.../2007/10/01/wildstyle.jpg (http://modculture.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/10/01/wildstyle.jpg)

basically, anything thats old school hip-hop related. whether its album covers, rap artist, microphones, graffiti, spray cans, DJs, spray paint circles with the spills falling from it. basically anything that reminds you of the 80's. bright florescent colors, basically just a collage of things. feel free to google, yahoo, photobuckt, flickr search for more images as the ones above are just examples of things i want, they can be included, or can be left out either way.Text: none
Text Font:
noneText Style:
noneOther Details:
Ive been wanting to have a custom background but im not really good at using photoshop for big projects like this one. Basically I all i want is to have a collage of images that will remind people of 80's Hip-Hop culture. Whether its microphones, rappers, album covers, graffiti, you name it. theres no specific color scheme, just a lot of bright colors and such will be fine.

i dont need the whole space to be filled in with images, maybe just a side of the image. like the whole background can be white, or a variety of colors like a gradient, w/e you the artist feels looks best, and then out of one of the bottom corners of the image, a bunch of images just collaging together. preferably the left-hand, bottom corner of the image. something like this:


as you can see by that tshirt, the collage doesnt take over the whole shirt, it just comes in from a side and then spreads out. eventually stops. im looking for something like that, basically with any images of old school hip-hop. some words for inspiration i guess for those who arent too familiar with old school hip-hop culture are:

New York City
Wild Style
Public Enemy
Biz Markie
Flavor Flav
Big Daddy Kane
Slick Rick
Fresh Prince
Style Wars
Yo! MTV Raps
Kool G Rap
Gold Rope Chains
Big Sunglasses
DJ Kool Herc
Afrika Bambaataa
Grandmaster Flash

just trying to help with any inspiration needed to find images to complete the project. basically anything goes as long as its old school related. and also feel free to add any extra splashes of colors here and there. not everything has to be images. some color can be used to fill in and make it look nicer.

i guess what i want is both limited and kind of broad, im hoping someone can help me with this if possible. thanks if you can, and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have that may aid you in finishing the wallpaper.

thanks a million!

oh and the background size itself could be whatever the average size of a wallpaper is. im assuming 100x600 or so? not sure. you may change it accordingly to fit your liking. also, the images you find to add to the collage, i was hoping that they could be cut out, like just use the important part. im not sure the background would look good with a bunch of sqare images posted up on top of eachother.

thanks if anyone steps up to help me with this, i would seriously appreciate it!

04-01-2008, 08:14 PM
ok so I realized that this project was bigger than i expected, and i didnt mean to put any artist through large amounts of work. so i went ahead and did a good part of the job myself. i found images that i would like to have in the collage, and i went ahead and made the background of the images transparent. so basically all the pictures are ready to go, all that is needed is for someone with good artistic skills to strategically place them on a big wallpaper style image.

the size should still be around 1000x580, or something along those lines, and I still want to collage to start from the bottom left hand corner, and then work its way up diagonally until about the center of the image. the background itself can remain white, but with splashes of color here and there. and i was hoping to have like a big cloud or some other type of colorful object in the background of the collage of images.

so basically a white background with splashes of colors. the colors can be splashed around perferably with the Dripping Spray Paint image i found. the drop is in black right now, but you may feel free to change its color, or create your own splashes. if you can, please make some of the splashes of color Hex #996633

then i want the collaging to start from the bottom left hand corner and work its way up diagonally with the images i have provided. behind the image i was hoping for some sort of a cloud type image so that the collaging images have a background. the cloud or w/e the background is can be of any color you think looks best. preferably Hex #0099ff. also, the images themselves do not all have to be in the way i have them. you may feel free to tilt them at any angle you desire, as long as it looks good. you may also resize the images, bigger or smaller, so that they can fit the collage better.

here and the images i found and edited to make it easier for the artist. please let me know if more images are needed to fill in the collage and i will surely find and edit more. if you have any that you would like to use yourself, please feel free. thanks!

http://i176.photobucket.c...ckrick_childrens_101b.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/slickrick_childrens_101b.jpg)
http://i176.photobucket.c.../rock_steady_crew_003.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/rock_steady_crew_003.jpg)
http://i176.photobucket.c...shiss/PG48_microphone.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/PG48_microphone.jpg)
http://i176.photobucket.c...ss/nike-air-jordans-i.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/nike-air-jordans-i.jpg)
http://i176.photobucket.c...0465_spray_paint_drip.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/ist2_200465_spray_paint_drip.jpg)
http://i176.photobucket.c...allery_Fresh_Prince_1.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/gallery_Fresh_Prince_1.jpg)
http://i176.photobucket.c...s/FlavorChuck_MT1cGEF.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/FlavorChuck_MT1cGEF.jpg)
http://i176.photobucket.c...reddyg_wildstyle_101b.jpg (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w180/SubKonshiss/fab5freddyg_wildstyle_101b.jpg)