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04-27-2008, 01:55 AM
OK fellow GM's we are on the clock for pick #64. What do we do now?

A) Trade down for more picks?

B) Draft somebody?
1. QB-Not now
2. RB-Perhaps. However, there are many good ones, some will be there in the 6th and 7th. But at 64 Kevin Smith and Jamaal Charles seem worthy and Booker is gone.
3. C-Not yet
4. OG-Intriguing. Top guards Roy Schuening, John Greco, and Eric Young are waiting for the draft's run on guards. With Long, one of these guys could bring back the Webb*/Sims mystique.
5. TE-Pretty picked over, but Martin Rucker is there. We have Fasano.
6. OT-Not a bad idea. It would guarantee a good OL to have 3 good OT's and Anthony Collins and Carl Nicks are excellent prospects still out there.
7. WR-A position of need but rarely does a rookie make an impact. This WR class is marginal and has been picked over already by other wideout hungry teams. Worth a look here are Harry Douglas, DJ Hall, and Henne's boys Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington. A 6th or 7th project guy might bring more value than #64.
8. DT-Intriguing also. Like OG there are top DT's on the board who project as nice 3-4 NT's. Pat Sims, Frank Okam, Ahtyba Rubin, and Red Bryant head the list.
9. DE-You can never have too many good DE's but these guys are picked over. Not now.
10. ILB-The top ILB's are are on the board. They are not ideal size for the 3-4 (tall,big), but Beau Bell, Dan Conner, Jeremy Leman, and Johnathon Goff all seem like young field general types to lead a rebuilding defense. With Ayodele we are covered there for now; perhaps we can wait.
11. OLB-Implementing the 3-4 requires a new set of larger, tweener DE/LB's with pass rush skills. We need more than one of these guys: Marcus Howard (my pet choice), Erin Henderson, Shawn Crable, and Curtis Johnson. We must establish our pass-rush from here. It's possible to find DE/OLB tweeners late but more and more teams like the 3-4.
12. S-Another neglected position ripe with prospects: Quintin Demps, Thomas DeCoud, and David Roach all look good. Notice they are all SS/FS types; pure SS guys (ie Roy Williams) are becoming dinosaurs if they cant cover quick slot guys. Avoid!
13. CB-Tempting talent remains at this marquuis position. Size is becoming very important esp. with Moss in NE. Charles Godfrey, Antwann Molden, Patrick Lee, Tyvon Branch all would fortify our outside nicely.

Doing the math, I see many possibilites; some very atttractive, ut we don't have enough picks in the next 120 to get many of them. These are top players with small salaries, the teams backbone and future. So my first inclination is to trade the pick to acquire more picks. But if no one is interested or willing, we should take the guy at the top of a non-premium position OG, S, DT, a need at OLB, or a CB which still has 2nd round talent left.

1. Schuening-Webb and Sims II

2. Howard-untold talent

3. Godfrey-top corner

4. Demps-top safety

So what will we do at #64???


04-27-2008, 02:05 AM
Nice thread. I'm with ya bro. Well, so much bull**** to choose from huh? Tyvon Branch. Nice! Mario Mannignham? nah. his brother later. Pat Sims? yes, could be. John Greco? u huh. could happen. My good friend who comes over to draft day says the WR from Florida. Says ireland really like the dude. Caldwell is his name.

The Juggernaut
04-27-2008, 02:15 AM
I like Marcus Howard also but that's too early for him. Avril and Davis are probably 2 OLB then get picked soon. I like Darrell Robertson better as well I think he will be a steal in this draft(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c6VG-NwrEI&feature=related) but he's probably end of 3rd, 4th also.

04-27-2008, 02:23 AM
Here's how I see it.

A) Trade down for more picks? - Yes if we get a decent deal.

B) Draft somebody? - Only if we can't get a decent deal.

1. QB-Not now - Agreed, no more QB's unless we can get one as an undrafted free agent.
2. RB-Perhaps. - Maybe, but I'd say no.
3. C-Not yet - Not this draft at all.
4. OG-Intriguing. - Absolutely you look at OG in rounds 3 and 4. My choices would be Mike McGlynn of Pitt or Kerry Brown of Appalachian State who might even be had later.
5. TE-Pretty picked over - Disagree, Jermichael Finley is going to be awesome and if he's there in the 4th I think he has to be our pick. If we trade down in the 3rd I'd be very happy to take him.
6. OT-Not a bad idea. - Quite possible, but we'd need to take him in the 3rd for sure.
7. WR-A 6th or 7th project guy might bring more value than #64. - Agreed, I think they're targeting Adarius Bowman if he makes it to the 6th or 7th round.
8. DT-Intriguing also. - Agreed, I could see us taking a flyer on Okam late, but if it's round 3 or 4 it'll be Red Bryant IMHO.
9. DE-picked over. - Agreed, no more 34 DE's available.
10. ILB-The top ILB's are are on the board. - Connor should be the pick IMHO
11. OLB- Yep, there's still some 34 OLB talent to be had in Avril and Brian Johnston who might work, but I'd expect them in round 4.
12. S-Avoid! - Again I agree, this safety draft is weak, but I'd take Zbikowski late if he's still around.
13. CB- This is a hugely deep CB draft and I'm hoping to get 2 more CB's. I counted 10 taken in day 1 and there's still about 7 more excellent prospects left by my recollection, I'm hoping we can snag 2 of them, with my preferences of what's left being Scandrick and Ikegwuonu. I think we can get 1 in the 4th round, and possibly another one even later. But, there has been a run on CB's, so my strategy may be getting iffy. :(