View Full Version : Former Broward librarian is found dead on Death Row

04-29-2008, 10:03 AM

Coday was on Death Row for the July 1997 murder of ex-girlfriend Gloria Gomez — a frenzied killing in which he used a hammer to beat her and when that broke, he used a second hammer and a knife. She was stabbed 41 times, cut 46 times and suffered 57 blunt injuries. Gomez was alive for all but the last of the hammer blows and stab wounds, according to forensic evidence at his trial.

The crime occurred almost 20 years after Coday used a shoemaker's hammer to beat to death his ex-girlfriend Lisa Hullinger in Hamburg, Germany, where the two Americans were students. His attorney in that case used an insanity defense and he was sentenced to three years in prison. He was released after 15 months behind bars and sent back to the United States with orders to get psychiatric help. He got some help but dropped out, partly because of the cost, he said.

Something that probably should have come out on the first date.

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i'd hit it

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i'd hit it

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