View Full Version : Please?!?!?!

05-10-2008, 11:32 PM
Guys, I realize that I'm a reletive newcomer to this site, atleast as a registered member, but I would like you to concider an idea that might make some of us more willing to post and trade ideas in these forums.

Please take one or two threads that reaccur consistantly over a short time phrame in the general forum,and create a forum section for them; where they can be replaced at a later time with a more relavent topic. Perhaps naming it "popular current threads" or "related thread ideas" or whatever strikes you most quaint.

Examples for such threads in our current time phrame might be "beck/henne" or "recently released/avail. players youd like to see in miami" The repetative nature of these threads and there subsequent posts/arguements are not only draining but also extreamely time and space consuming. By the time I've read/looked through the forum for an original idea I've lost most of my enthusiasm to make one of my own...

In order to not be redundant or hypocritical in my own right I will be reposting this in the apropriate admin section, I just wanted to see if there might be a few members who might like the concept listed above.