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05-12-2008, 09:51 PM
You don't have to be a fan of The Office to appricate this. While browsing around ABC's The Office Website I found this gem.

It is basically is Creed Bratton weekly journals. Theres much more on the website and I wanted to share it with you all. Here is an example:

May 08, 09:15 AM
Creed Thoughts

There was a big blow-up at work last week between the boss man and the black guy. Lots of fireworks. I think the boss man broke out his brass
knuckles because I saw a lot of blood on the carpet the next day. Blood on the carpet means trouble Ė thatís a rule I live by. I donít like fights at work, because itís too many parts of my life coming together in one place. I prefer to keep fighting outside of work and my work out of fights. This fight turned out pretty well for me, though, because everyone else got sent home so they could have a private cage match.

The first thing I did when we got sent home was head straight over to the mall for some orange chicken at the Lotus place. That stuff is dynamite. I could eat a shopping cart full of it. Sadly, they donít sell it by the shopping cart, no matter how often I ask them to, so I settled for a combo meal. There were a few high school kids in the food court, so I tried to drum up some new customers for my novelty identification and lamination business. They werenít interested. Apparently thereís some punk over at Scranton Prep who does a really good Delaware now. Even better than my Georgia. Iím going to track that kid down and have a ďtalkĒ with him. When it comes to novelty identification and lamination, I need to be the only game in town.
After the mall, I was pretty riled up, so I headed over to that ďJust Paint ItĒ place where you can paint your own pottery. That place is like a zen garden to me. I just sit down, grab a small ceramic elephant and go to town. I can zone out for two, three hours painting that thing. The best part about it is that when Iím done, I get to take it with me. Youíd be surprised how much you can get for an orange and green elephant when you tell people itís imported from Indonesia.

I spent the rest of the night over at the grocery store sampling the candy in the bulk bins. They didnít even hassle me about it. Not that I really keep track, but that may have been my best day ever."

Heres the Link: http://blog.nbc.com/CreedThoughts/

05-12-2008, 10:15 PM
It's even funnier if you watch the show and know what he's "talking" about. I love The Office, sad the season is almost over. Creed needs a bigger part though.