View Full Version : trade proposal .. advice needed asap

09-05-2003, 05:54 PM
he gives me:

Antowain Smith
David Boston

I give him:

Michael Vick
Anthony Thomas

i need advice quick cuz it will get deleted soon if i dont respond.. its been up there for 2 days..

im leaning towards declining since Vick wont be out too long like pennington.

Thanks in advance

09-06-2003, 02:22 PM
if you tell us your roster....

09-07-2003, 06:16 AM
thanks MR, but i already declined it... i think it was the right thing to do.

09-11-2003, 01:04 AM
depending on your qb situation, i might have pulled the trigger

09-13-2003, 11:55 AM
Why would anyone want AS , who's gonna lose his job to KF, and Davis boston who posted 20 yards in his 1st game and is already injured? :D