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06-13-2008, 12:18 PM
I just started playing this game this week and I'm having fun with it. It takes a few minutes a day to monkey around with your guy and you get to watch simulations of plays after the games are done.

How to join:http://goallineblitz.com/game/signup.pl?ref=15613827
Click on that (I get referral points if you do which I can use for in-game benefits for my players)

Sign up. You get points that you can use to make a player. These are called flex points they can be used to buy equipment and level up your player. You get free flex points for joining and for getting other people to sign up under you. You can buy additional flex points if you choose and that is the only means to spend real money in this game. If you choose not to spend any money then so be it it won't matter for a few seasons.

After you create your player my advice is to not spend your flex points on anything but creating 1-2 characters. You can buy 3 levels a season with flex points but getting to L1 and L2 is a lot faster than going from L4 to L5. Wait till you hit level 3 or the last game of the regular sesaon then spend some flex points to level up your dude(s).

Don't be afraid to make a couple of players, we need human-controlled OL as much as we need WRs and QBs and OL are really cheap to make so you can make one of each.

We can get a bunch of us finfans together and make a team to take on the rest of the NFL, or if you want, start your own team. Either way, have fun.

Feel free to ask any questions in here.

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why. its pretty fun