View Full Version : Patriots release Lynch...Wel maybe.

The Myth
08-31-2008, 10:52 PM
The Patriots announced today that they released veteran safety John Lynch, and in the press release, included comments from both coach Bill Belichick and Lynch.
The comments, especially from Lynch, make it sound as if the move might not be permanent.
"I have no regrets about my time thus far with the Patriots," said Lynch. "The immense respect that I've long held for the organization has been only heightened over the past couple of weeks. I am going to keep all options open and look forward with excitement to see what the future brings."
The "thus far" part of Lynch's comment seems to indicate this could be a situation where Lynch is not kept on the Patriots' roster for the opening week -- when salaries for veterans would be guaranteed -- before returning to the club after the first game.
Head coach Bill Belichick also included a comment in the team's release:
"It goes without saying but John is an all-time great safety, one of the league's classiest professionals and his elite play speaks for itself," said Belichick. "As has been the case in other situations, I would not rule anything out down the road."