View Full Version : McCain: Obama Never Took On Own Party

09-08-2008, 12:05 PM
Dismissing his rival's claims of being able to bring change to the ways of Washington, Republican presidential candidate John McCain said that Illinois Senator Barack Obama has not worked as a reformer because he has not challenged Democrats.

"I do know that he never took on his party on any major issue," McCain said, appearing on CBS News' Face The Nation. "From the time he came up in the Chicago political arena to the time, the short time he was in the Senate, he never took on his party on a single major issue."

In contrast, the Republican Senator said he'd taken on his own party a lot.

In his acceptance speech at last week's Republican National Convention, McCain appeared to admit to his own party's failings, that even as Republicans were elected to the White House and Congress on a promise of changing government, "We let Washington change us."