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09-11-2008, 10:19 AM
I just want to say what someone has to... I hope we all take a moment to remember 9-11 and the victims today.... and the unity that exists for us, under the currents we live with that separate us.... in the end we are all Americans and love this nation... Bless their souls and families.

09-11-2008, 10:49 AM
Seconded...and Amen.

09-11-2008, 12:21 PM
Where was everyone on 9/11/2001?

I was still in graduate school and working my part time job at a local hypermarket that morning. A customer came in and said some idiot crashed his plane into the side of a skyscraper. I immediately said that's hard to believe because planes usually don't go anywhere near downtown New York City in altitude. By the time I got to a TV the second plane had hit. Then I knew somthing was up. Shortly after that the reports came in of the strike at the Pentagon and the unconfirmed crash in Pennsylvania. The sickening feeling crept into my stomach. Someone had "got" us and I knew this country would never be the same again.

I get to campus that evening for my 5:30 class and it was cancelled. I swung over by my old fraternity house to see what was going on. The house was on the side of campus close to Louisville International Airport, so planes taking off and landing and the noise that goes along with were a regular occurances. Because all the planes were grounded by President Bush, the skies were eerily silent and empty. That is one of the things I will never forget. I mean how many times have you looked up in the sky for an extended period of time and not seen or heard an airplane?

Remember the souls that died, but also remember there will always be people that want to do harm to this great country of ours. They may not be a conventional army, but they are no less dangerous to our society.

09-11-2008, 12:40 PM
I was getting dressed for work when they showed the first tower and they werent sure what happened. That talking asshat Bryant Gumbel was talking to an eyewitness on the phone, and he was totally talking down to her while she relayed, horrified, as the TV showed the 2nd plane flying into the building. He was olblivious
I hurried to work as fast as i could and turned all the TV's to the news. They shut down our mall, after i had sold a ton of TV antennaes and radios (I worked at RadioShack) at noon. As i was locking up, some clown wanted me to open up and let him buy something irrelevant. After i told him we were shut down by the mall for safety and referred him to another store down the road, he left in a huff. I just went home, watched the news all night and prayed and cried for all the lost souls and the ones of us left behind.

My sister lived in D.C. and worked in IT for the Capitol. My brother and I finally got thru to her and made sure she was safe after 3 hours or trying. My friend Sean worked in Pentagon City, he actually heard the crash when the plane flew into the Pentagon.

Our generations Day That Will Live In Infamy

09-11-2008, 01:52 PM
I could only imagine the pain of the victims and their relatives and friends. Let's all hope that prevention of this is something achieved by whomever is in high power in the government.

09-11-2008, 02:27 PM
I had just gotten back from PT and was in the shower. My wife suddenly started screaming at me while I was in the bathroom taking a shower. I freaked out because I thought something in MY home happened. I grabbed a towel came running out intot he living room where my wife had the news on. She had told me that a plane crashed into the WTC. I was shaking my head thinking that somebody SERIOUSLY screwed up....I mean, how in the hell did this happen and then we both saw the second plane crash into the second tower. After letting out a few expletives and told my wife to hurry up and get dressed (we only had one car at the time), telling her I had to get to work NOW (MP stationed at Fort Sill at the time). I told her this was not accident, we're under attack, I had to get to work and I'd be surprised if I came home tonight. She thought I was over reacting. I guess when I got home at 6:00am the following morning...

My step father's sister, a Naval Commander at the time had just left the section of the Pentagon that was hit 20 minutes prior. One of my soldiers...her aunt was on the 103rd floor of one of the towers and her remains have yet to be recovered. We all know someone who was effected by this tragedy.

Let us NEVER forget. Never forget those who so needlessly died...never forget those whose lives were instantly changed by the loss of a loved one...and lest we forget my brave brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate sacrifice in avenging those innocents lost on that beautiful Tuesday morning...

MSG Wilberto Sabalu, "mi hermano" KIA 6 May 2007, Pol-e-Charki Afghanistan
SGT Ashly Moyer, one of MY soldiers, KIA 3 Mar 2007, Baghdad, Iraq

09-11-2008, 02:30 PM
I was in my 3rd week of teaching…. I had to get to school by 7am because all new teachers are required to participate in bus duty. It had been a really long morning already and it was only 8:00am… I didn’t get students until around 8:40 in the morning because I was the furthest class away from the rest of the school and didn’t have a homeroom… I was actually in a giant storage room kind of… with a big garage door for loading and a lot of desks… It was a pretty great set up because I could pull behind the school and park, literally, at my classroom door. I didn’t make this a daily practice, but I decided to shoot out of the back door and have a smoke in my Blazer… Something I would never do now but, oh well… I went out and rolled down my windows and turned the key…. I am not sure what time it was exactly….

I was listening to talk radio and Howard Stern was on… It was probably about 15 minutes or so after 8am… I never made a habit out of listening to Stern because, well frankly, I am not amused… I just kind of flipped on the radio and he was saying something about a plane hitting the world trade center…. It caught my attention… I thought it was a joke at first… I listened and heard the voices… I knew it wasn’t a joke…

I just sat there and waited for them to say what happened… I toggled back to the all news station… at this point I was only mildly intrigued… I thought it was an accident or something… but there was nothing on the news… I flipped back to Stern and took a last drag off of my cigarette and went to turn the key off and I heard him say that a second plane had hit the Towers… This, suddenly, became something really different… I listened for a few more minutes, knowing that the kids were coming to class now probably…. I went inside and waited….

As the students began filing in I told the first ones what I needed them to do and instructed them to relay my words to the class… I then headed right back out the door… I had backed my truck up so that it was about 2 feet from the back door and left the door open to the class… I had a student or two come over in the next 5-10 minutes to ask me what I was doing… I told them that I had some materials I needed to unload and to get on their work…. I remember someone saying something about “Our nation is now at war”… I flipped it to the news and it had finally come on our DC local station… I went back in and checked on the kids… this was probably 10 minutes into class… they knew something was wrong… It just obviously wasn’t the way the morning ran….

I stepped next door to a guy named Ken’s class… He was one of three teachers at the end of the long hall I occupied… I told him what was happening… He didn’t say anything… I said, “I need you to watch my class. I have to go to the office and let someone know what is happening.”… he told me that his son worked in the World Trade Center. It’s odd that I don’t remember if his son was okay or not… I tend to think that he was… but I remember that as the day passed Ken just sat at his class door… dialing and dialing on a cell phone… over and over again… I guess the batteries died because he ended up in the little room we all shared on the other phone… I asked his classes to come into my room from in the hall… I just don’t remember…

I went to the office and told the secretary what I had heard…. She called the principle, who told me thanks, and that he would monitor the situation, just go back to my room… I went back…

I went in and spent about five minutes getting the lock off of the hasp on that old pull up door… I fought with it and got it to raise about 6 feet before time, paint, and rust froze it in place… that was enough to back my truck into the classroom… I told the students that something was going on… I didn’t know exactly what… but that it was important… I told them to bring their chairs and sit around on the other side of the classroom…

Just as I switched the news on they reported that a plane had hit the Pentagon…

We live about 45 miles from the Pentagon… I had students in first period whose parents worked there… At this point I was at a loss… I couldn’t tear myself away… I was probably not doing a smart thing, but I don’t think any of us knew what was happening, how bad it was, or anything to inform us of how to act… I look back now and realize that I should have shut the radio off and wrestled with the demon of not knowing alone… but I didn’t…. over the next hours three classes besides for mine ended up sitting on the concrete floor of my room… dozens of kids, some upset, but most quietly listening… they reported that car bombs had exploded at the Capital building… they reported that the White House had been hit… they reported that the National Mall was in flames…. None of that turned out to be true… but what was true was the falling of the towers…

I remember being in school and watching the Challenger Shuttle explode on live TV with my class… to this day I remember the looks on my classmates faces… the shock… it was as if everything had gone crazy and none of it could be true… we had spent our whole year writing letters to the teacher on the shuttle and doing projects in Science class about space… and now, instead of watching them blast into space… they were dead… I saw those looks on the faces of my kids…

About 10am a letter had come out from the office saying don’t discuss what is happening with the students… It was way to late for that…. I had around 50 kids sitting in my room listening to America, as I knew it growing up, unravel over an FM broadcast… I think school closed early that day… I went and picked up my wife from her elementary school and we went home to watch the news

The next day we got up and went to DC…. We didn’t go straight to the Pentagon… We figured that would have been almost impossible… We went to the National Mall first… we sat looking at the White House and the dirty air… The District is a busy place… crowded… On that day it was a ghost town… Lone men and women would occasionally shuffle past as if they were being chased by something… National Guard troops would jog by carrying machine guns… There were Stinger Missile batteries sat up along the reflecting pool…We just kind of sat and contemplated what had happened… what was happening… and what it all meant… We did eventually head to the Pentagon… It was massive in scope… I didn’t get to see the WTC… I can only imagine… There on a little hill up by the road a memorial was started… flowers and flags and cards stayed there for months… It was a terrible thing to see…. It was a terrible baptism for our nation that I wish had never happened… I hope all of those that lost someone have found peace. Our nation lost a lot of someone’s and I think we, as a country, are still fighting the effects of it…

09-11-2008, 05:41 PM
I was on west coast time so I missed everything. I was asleep. My mom caleed from Georgia and told me "We're being attacked". I jumped out of bed and turned on the TV, and then......just.....sat...there ........numb....hoplessly watching the replays over and over and then the first tower fell....and then the second........and my shock and horror slowly started to turn into anger, and patriotism, and pride.....and by the end of the day I was ready for some action......military kick *** first and take names later type of action.....

I still have that anger inside....and it will be there probably until we catch that SOB Bin Laden.