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09-14-2008, 08:24 AM
1:Rey Maualuga/ILB\-USC(6'2",262)

2: Michael Hamlin/SS\-Clemson(6'3",205)

2b: Aaron Kelly/WR\-Clemson(6'5",190)

3: Ian Campbell/OLB\Kansas State(6'5",255)

4: Mike Tepper/OT\-California(6'7",321)

5: Andy Kemp/OG\-Wisconsin(6'6",315)

6:------(traded it to the Cowboys last April)

7: Sammie Lee Hill/DT\Stillman(6'4",328)

7: Demonte Bolden/DT/DE\Tennesse(6'5",290)

7: Coye Francies/CB\San Jose State(6'1",185)

Dolphins Own
09-14-2008, 08:49 AM
Stats on the last 8?

09-14-2008, 09:05 AM
Stats on the last 8?
umm...I'll try to find some stats,but Im going to need a minute or two....

09-14-2008, 09:10 AM
Stats on the last 8?
(dude is a hitter.He is much like Ken Hamlin,in the sense that he runs a 4.55,but is HUGE at 6'3",205.I really want Taylor Mays,USC,but he isnt going past the first round,but Hamlin,IMO,is VERY close to talent.Infact,the only thing Taylor has that Hamlin doesnt is 4.3 speed...thats it)

(we need a big receiver.I'm tired of having situations like the last play for the Dolphins in Week 1 vs. the Jets.We need a big body,and Kelly has that.The WR position ths year is unbelievable.Kelly would complemnt well to Ginn,and vise versa.He can pull in double teams,and give Ginn single-coverage.Talk about geting Henne some weapons.If Henne sits out his sophmore year in the NFL,by the time he goes under center in 2010,his recievers will already be past novice,and arriving to competetors.Thats if Ginn can get greedy,its weird,I never thought I'd have to say that about a receiver.I wanna see Ginn call for the ball,not go overboard,but show that you WANT it,other than running hard)

(we need more LB's for our 3-4.Campbell is perfect for our scheme at 6'5",255.He isnt a burner,runs a 4.85[I dont thinks its official though],but I realy like his GAME-SPEED.He is a potential starter,and our current OLB's arent anything to be excited about.Not to mention I cant imagine Sparano paying out Joey Porter with that HUGE,wasted,over the top contract.I have a hard time seeing Joey being here next year.Cause MIA is trying to get younger,and how can they do that with a 32 year old OLB.Maybe if he has a breakout year ths year he'll stick around,but we need to get some of these younger players in there for experience,and that includes this future solid playe rin Ian Campbell)

(still looking)
(we need depth at o-line,and this guy is a potential starter)

(still looking)
(same as Tepper)

Lee Hill-
(he is 6'4",328.I see a lot of potential in him.He is obviously a DT in our 3-4 scheme,and can give great depth.Maybe even Jason Ferguson can mentor him,cause Ferguson is a former 7th rounder hmself)

(he plays DT in colege,but he would play DE here.He isnt more than a backup,but Sparano can develop him into a role play.Really nice size at 6'5",290.Perfect fit for a 3-4 defense)

(he isnt much more than a project,but he has the size and speed,4.45 that is just so attractive.MIA really need some size at CB anyway)

09-14-2008, 01:08 PM
not bad for where they are all projected right now. Only thing that bothers me is no CB

09-14-2008, 08:46 PM
not bad for where they are all projected right now. Only thing that bothers me is no CB
yeah,but from what I understand ths years CB fre agency is gonna be good..better than last years.I think we'll pick up one or two...but you right...looking at it now,we might have to get a CB earlier,I just felt that MIA will get more depth for O-Line,cause we are as thin as we have ever been...