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09-18-2008, 07:50 PM
Id rather post this in a section where people may be independent, rather than the political section where people bicker back and forth and already know who they support. Im trying to reach out to the independents.

First of all, Im not like many of the right wingers who are completely negative and bash anyone who disagrees with them. "I come in peace", lol. I used to be a strong McCain supporter, and I still am a very right wing person, though Im not a big fan of our President. But now I support Barack Obama for president, because John McCain has shown he is cheap and takes advantage of the American people, along with putting himself first, not "Country First". I should add that I am (or WAS) an assistant director for the McCain campaign for my area...my job was to find info on Obama and publish it. Now I quit, because I see nothing wrong with Obama as a person. I disagree with many of his views, but he has done nothing wrong as a person. And no, I repeat No, Obama wont raise taxes on the average American, only on people who make over 250K per year. Frankly I am very tired of conservatives saying Obama is going to raise taxes, they should be honest and say hes going to raise them on the wealthiest Americans.

So onto McCain: Choosing Sarah Palin as his VP shows he put himself first. Our country is in dire need of new foreign policy, a new economy, heck...a new everything. He goes out and chooses a lady who has no experience at all, simply because of her image. He wanted to attract Hillary Clinton supporters, and feminist women, and he has done just that. He does not know Palin, and her background is scary. He should have chosen someone who has experience, foreign policy knowledge, and can help this COUNTRY, not just his campaign. Everytime I listen to Palin, she says the same things over and over, and reads from the teleprompter, and she refused to interview with anyone until just recently. To me, John McCain is a cheater and put himself before his country. I should add that Sarah Palin, just last month, completely praised Barack Obama. So the fact that she would come out and bash him after praising him completely, just ticks me off a bit. That doesnt tell me "country first". This woman said if Russia invades Georgia, that because we are nato allies with Georgia, that war with Russia would happen....Im sorry, but that is absurd! War with Russia would be the end of the world, and like Vietnam, we would be sending home 500+ body bags a week. The fact that she said that, scares me. This woman is not capable of being VP or President. She is gaining a lot of respect from women voters, thinking that she will help women, yet her very own state of Alaska, has the highest rate of women being abused and assaulted by men, and she did nothing about it.

Along with that, John McCain criticizes Barack Obama for every little mistake he makes. Just the other day, criticizing him for the "lipstick" comment, when months ago, McCain himself made the same comment towards Hillary Clinton. Now Obama is stuck, he knows that anything he does wrong, is going to get him criticized. Another thing I couldnt stand about Palin was her speech; all she did was talk negatively about her opponent, and made almost no effort to talk about what she will do as VP, along with trying to make model shots like her speech was some photo shoot. Now the media loves Palin, and its making people love her....but not me. She also said the war in Iraq is a task from God....do I even need to explain to you all why thats scary? Shes mixing politics with religion....not good. I guarantee if Obama said that, he would have lost the election because of it. I used to speak against Obama for having little experience, then McCain put someone as his VP who has no experience. It doesnt make sense. At least Obama put Joseph Biden as his VP, someone who is the head of the Foreign Policy Committee in the senate, and who can change our Foreign Policy...to me that shows Obama is putting his country first. He keeps speaking of change, and I think Biden is perfect for change, because this country is in desperate need of foreign policy change.

Why do people like to elect someone who is completely negative? Time and time again, negativity has shown to win. Being negative and bashing your opponent, has shown to work. I dont understand why, I certainly dont want a president who is completely negative and bashes his opponent every time he says something a little out of context, or everytime he disagrees. This campaign has shown John McCain to be a big child, I regret every dollar I put into his campaign, and now I will fight hard to get people to support Obama.

Another thing I dont like is how the McCain campaign treats Obama like dirt. I disagree quite a bit with Obama, but the truth is he IS a human being. McCain is running the same kind of campaign that Bush ran in 2000 and 2004, bashing his opponent left and right, and look where Bush took us. They made silly accusations of Obama. Obama has said several times that Palin's family is off limits, and over and over again the McCain campaign accused Obama of going after Palin's family.....well me being a conservative, I can tell you right now I did not see how Obama went after Palin's family, so that accusation really is wrong.

I disapprove of the way McCain is running his campaign. I dont think its right at all for people to put down Obama for his skin color, religion, or little comments he made. I dont necessarily agree with Obama's way of thinking, but this country needs CHANGE...and a young black man is change, not somebody who voted with President Bush 90% of the time and then goes and picks someone for VP just for her image and media frenzy, because that my friends, is lame and cheap. People need to give the man a chance. Give Obama a chance. I know I will. Everyone said that Bill Clinton was too young and inexperienced before he took office, and look how good our economy, gas prices, and overall way of living was with Clinton. People bash Clinton simply because he had sex in the oval office...because yes, a man and a woman having sex, is so wrong right? Yes it was an affair, but in this country alone, the affairs and divorce rates are skyrocket. Other countries laughed about Clinton's affair, whereas we sat around and took it seriously, because sex is so wrong, right?

I as a conservative, know very well if every registered voter, actually voted, the Republicans would probably have 20 seats in Congress, and 10 in the Senate. The Republicans lost 250,000 voters since 2004, and the Democrats gained 2 million voters. States which Bush won by very little, have gained hundreds of thousands of registered democrat voters. John Kerry lost Virginia by about 200,000 votes, meanwhile...about 850,000 people in Virginia did not vote, and out of those 850K, 610K were registered democrats. In Oklahoma, 71% of registered voters are democrats, yet Oklahoma always goes to the Republicans. John Kerry also lost Ohio by a small amount, but I do not have the numbers...and since 2004, Ohio now has 600,000 newly registered democrats, and lost 40,000 registered republicans. Florida has added 400,000 registered democrats since 2004 and lost 150,000 registered republicans. This goes to show that people need to start stepping up and voting. Its for the good of your country, and Im putting my foot down and saying that we cannot afford 4 more years of this.

Im a pro-life, pro Iraq-war, pro-guns, pro-tax cut, pro-Afghan war guy telling you all....vote Obama.

09-18-2008, 08:41 PM
Good for you! Wish more could see how McCain will be no different than GW. All he does is bash and tell lies. How about talking about what matters most to Americans rather than try and win our votes with BS that has absolutely nothing to do with the problems our country is facing! Country first, ha! His choice of running mate clearly shows how that's a lie as well!

09-18-2008, 08:52 PM
dude, youve put this exact same post, in the exact same wrong forum just a week or 2 ago.

Seriously...get a grip. And please post things in the proper forums. Youre welcome to your say in the poFo, but this Spamalot youre creating does no one any good

09-18-2008, 11:21 PM
We'll let this stick for just a short while. But once we move it, do not start another thread like this. thank you.

09-20-2008, 09:53 AM
I have specific political leanings which I've heatedly espoused and debated in political forums and newsgroups. I purposely stay out of these frays on FH, as I consider it my sanctuary from all the BS, spin, self-serving, selective claims, pandering and intelligence- insulting that reflects our present political process.

Given that prequalifier, I do resent when anyone, whether I agree with them or not, tries to influence me by inserting partisan graphics or text in forums where they really are irrelevant and as a result, I have my own blowback graphics in reply. Basically, I am disenfranchised with the entire political process and truly feel that it's the big money, religious and other special interest groups that determine who runs; and as a result, we get the worst of all worlds - essentially "candidates" any Fortune 500 board of directors who care about their organization's welfare would never consider as their CEOs! I feel the same way about religion being espoused anywhere on posts where it's totally irrelevant too FWIW.

I am all for a national referendum to appear on all presidential ballots offering a "None Of The Above" option, where if that choice receives more than 51% of all votes, both parties must go back, hustle, trying their best to nominate 2 more responsively palatable candidates within a compressed timeline - and keep doing it until they get it right. I'm sick of having to vote for the lesser of 2 evils!

My respectful request is please keep all partisanship off the MAIN forum. Thanks in advance.


09-21-2008, 10:04 AM
OK I'm ready.....

Where's a booth?

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09-21-2008, 10:03 PM
Vaark, that is very interesting and I would agree with it but what if that proccess continues for years? would the old president stay or would we be without one? It seems like a well thought out idea except for a few things.

09-21-2008, 11:09 PM
Thank you, a honest conservative... We do need to think country first.. I keep saying, change is not on McCain's web site..his policies are written there..check them out and then compare to bush and see if you're getting the change..or the on the campaign trail blow... At least Obama's rheotric is consistence with what's on his site.