View Full Version : Dolphins pound luster off of SB rings...

09-22-2008, 07:23 AM
In a post from a different forum on this site last week (since removed), it was stated that your Dolphins "have a shot at beating the Pats" if A) they pound Moss at the line of scrimmage and take him out of the game. And B) they put relentless pressure on Matt Cassel. Did everyone see the pass Moss pulled back from? He is guaranteed 9 mil. a year--regardles of effert put forth! (Big mistake Patriot nation.) How many receivers like Troy Brown, or Wes Welker would have had the courage to go after that ball? I can think of many more. Last two games, 6 catches for 48 yds. and ZERO TDs. Players of his supposed talent are usually easily able to carry their team on their back's through times of adversity. This once and for all proves that Randy Moss is NOT this caliber of player! I also told you all to have faith in the "Big Tuna." He taught the "Genius" everything he knows and he also knows his weaknesses. Don't think for even a second Bill Parcells had nothing to do with that incredible gameplan. I also touched upon the Pats age on defense, and yesterday proved that that defense consists of players who are clearly past their prime, or too green to adjust to a creative opponents game plan. Rejoice Dolphin nation, and look around the AFC--if the Dolphins can build from this and play like that each and every week--anything could happen. It was a great day for Vikeman yesterday, as well. A. Winfield quite possibly saved our season! So Randy, put this in your Patriot pipe and smoke it--In every part of this great country, people are rejoicing--except in New England. YOU have a chance to show everyone just exactly what you are made of--except me because I already know. Heads up--the implosion--it's coming Randy!!!!!!!!!! P.S--listening to sports radio in Boston this morning is awesome!