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09-23-2008, 11:36 PM
Round 1:

32-Dallas Cowboys[13-3]-Patrick Chung/SS out of Oregon
(The Cowboys have been trying to get rid of SS Roy Williams for the past 2-3 years.Not because he isnt a good player,but because he doesnt fit their system.Chung is better,or at least potentially better than Roy in coverage,and Chung is faster than Roy,and could be better all around for the Cowboys)

31:San Diego Chargers[12-4]-Aaron Curry/OLB out of Wake Forrest
(The only reason I think San Diego will like Curry is because the Merriman situation is in static.Merriman will miss the rest of this season,and only has another year after 2008.If Merriman isnt able to come back to form,I believe San Deigo will be relieved they have took him.Even dispite injury to Merriman,the contract talks between both side havent been heating up,in fact,all reports from ESPN and NFL Network is that their far apart...we'll see what happens)

30:New York Giants[12-4]-Brian Cushing/OLB out of USC
(I like Cushing.A lot of talk is that he's a second-thrid round selection,but the Giants are too wise to pass up on a talent and potential-wise player,in Cushing)

29:Minnesota Vikings[11-5]-Percy Harvin/WR out of Florida
(I know what some of you are thinking....WHY SO LATE?!!?!
Altough Percy has a rare talent to make things happen,I feel that he is quite overrated a bit.I think he'll get Taravis Jackson,or whoever the ikings QB a weapon,and take the pressure off of AP,which has been the case,3 weeks into the season so far)

28-Denver Broncos[11-5]-Derry Beckwith/ILB out of LSU
(Its VERY relieving that OLB D.J. Williams is moved back to OLB.He isnt a ILB by any means.He is a pass rusher,not a coverage tackler.The Broncos really need a d lineman here,cause their AWFUL against the run,but Beckwith could solve their ILB problem,and this years d line draft is deep,while ILB is not....very not,If Beckwith is still here,they should take him without a doubt,and solidify their linebacking core)

27:Pittsburgh Steelers[10-6]-Alex Mack/C out of California
(Man...their line is horrible.They cant fix it all in one draft,unless they use at least 3 picks on the line.Anyways,Mack is a great lineman.Probably the best C to come out sence Seattle Seahawks C Spencer.Maybe letting Alan Faneca go wasnt such a "smooth move")

26:Philadelphia Eagles[10-6]-James Meredith/OT out of South Carolina
(Tra Thomas's career is almost over,and Winston Justice hasnt solidifed that he could be the replacement,and how bad would it be if you have a Franchise QB out there with a JV LT?This is more of a "better safe,than sorry" kinda pick for the Eagles)

25:Indianapolis Colts[10-6]-Peria Jerry/DT out of Ole Miss
(after a release of their starting DT(Ed Jonhson) cause of off-field issues,the Colts pick up a replacement.He add power to the d line,and will be a better player than Johnson,IMO,at 6'2",290,perfect fit in ther 4-3 defense,and will make offensive line coaches worry about someone other than Freeney and Mathis)

24:Green Bay Packers[10-6]-Phil Loadholt/OT out of Oklahoma
(That Packers line is getting old fast.I really wanted the Packers to go CB here,but I dont see and CB's being worthy of this selection.Granted,ther tackles arent going to be retiring this year,but Loadholt can be a very good insurance for them,cause you cant have garbage behind your starters,especially if you have your seen as Franchise QB in there,so Loadholt here,but if a good TE line Pettigrew if here,I cant see them passing him up)

23:Buffalo Bills[10-6]-Brandon Pettigrew/TE out of Oklahoma State
Ths could be the acqusion to put the Bills in the Super Bowl.They not quite there yet,but with the extra addition of Brandon Pettigrew,you can argue Trent Edwards has one of the best surrounding casts aroudn him as an NFL QB)

22:New Orleans Saints[10-6]-William Moore/SS out of Missori
(lets face it....the Saints secondary is horrid.I really like Moore,and Im sure the Saints would to,but I think they'd perfer a CB,but..again,none worthy here.They can solve a part of their secondary here,but should be able to get a Vonate Davis or Malcom Jenkins here...very unlikely by the way,then thye woudl take them in a second)

21:Jacksonvillie Jaguars[10-6]-Duke Robinson/OG out of Oklahoma
(Their o line is so beat up,Im not sure Duke can make much of a difference,but its a difference none the less.He can step in and start right now for them if he could,lord knows they need him)

20:New England Patriots[7-9]-Jason Smith/OT out of Baylor
(the Pats o line is overrated,and its not the best.They need to take out Matt Light,cause he hasnt been playing like a Pro Bowler,and they o line,all together,still isnt playing well,but Smith can help change that)

19:New York Jets[7-9]-Tyson Jackson/DE out of LSU
(this guy is a great fit for their 3-4 scheme.As the Jets will see,all their peices meant well,but ultimately,you dont win games by how much money you spend in one off-season.Tyson anyway,will come in and give o lines trouble for the Jets)

18:Arizona Cardinals[7-9]-Knowshon Moreno/RB out of Georgia
(Hightower shows promise,but you cant expect a 5th round pick to produce at a starters level in his secodn year.Edgerrin James career is about over,and they need some new.Hightower,again,may turn out to be the guy,but you cannot go with unknowns in the league,especially when your playoff bound)

17:Seattle Seahawks[7-9]-Fili Moala/DTorDE out of USC
(the Seahawks defense is struggling in 2008,and so is the offense,but to grab another USC stud of this talent is a bigger concern.Moala would be great,opening up holes for former USC teammate Lofa Tatupu to come in and stop the play being scrimmage)

16:Washington Redskins[7-9]-Alex Boone/OT out of Ohio St.
(Boone is a good tackle.Not the best,but good.Washintons RT Runyan got replaced by a Meier.If he does well this year(which so far he has been...fair) then they'll probably go Fili Moala,but if he struggles,then Boone here,but you never know...they can still pick up Boone and move him to G,so keep yous eyes open for the possiblity)

15:Philidelphia Eagles(from Carolina[6-10])-Travis Beckum/TE out of Wisconsin
(why Beckum or Pettigrew???I dunno,I think Beckum is a better receiving option that Pettigrew,no offense to Brandon.Its just that in this league nowadays,TE's have to be faster,and a better catcher.Well,all I can say with truth honesty is that Beckum is faster,maybe or maybe not Pettigrew has as good of hands,but I really like Beckum more than Pettigrew at the momment,and the Eagles need that TE,not a Pro-Bowler,but a TE that can get open on 3rd downs,and get the 1st down,and be a good red-zone option,and if they can get that,I think their Super Bowl bound)

14:I think I am missing a team..I need S.O.S....thanks....

13:San Fransico 49ers[6-10]-Jeremy Maclin/WR out of Missouri
(the 9ers need soem explossiveness,and they cant rele on Davis cause hed their only explosive weapon,and he isnt able to do him so far.Maclin will stretch the field,and allow Davis to run those slants on in and or outs to get open...nice compination tot heir offense)

12:Baltimore Ravens[6-10]James Lauranitius/ILB out of Ohio State
(heres Ray Ray's replacement.....Ohio State stud Lauranitius.Pefect big,strong,and smart ILB,that will put up consistant 100+ tackles for that defense,for years to come)

11:Cleveland Browns[6-10]-Chris Wells/RB out of Ohio St.
(They let Rudi Johnson go...the reason,Im not sure,but ther offense is so bad...I could tell if they were actually on offense or defense.So Chris Wells defeinately make the team better)

10:Tampa Bay Buccaneers[6-10]-George Selvie/DE'OLB out of USF
(Tampa Bay's defense is still getting old,and they need someone to get some pass rush besides Gaines Adams.They let Simeon Rice go,their long time pass rusher,so now they have to find a new rusher,and Selvie will provide them what they need)

9:Chicago Bears[6-10]-Andre Smith/OT out of Alabama
(the Bears look back to form on defense,but their offense hasnt missed a beat.O line is still a head-turner,so they'll help themselves out with Andre here)

8:Atlanta Falcons[6-10]-Vontae Davis/CB out of Illinois
(losing DeAngelo Hall was bad for their defense.But ther defense wasnt top notch with him,so it doesnt matter all too much.I do,however,believe Vontae will be a better player for them,cause although hall is faster,Vonate is a better cover corner,and not just a "oh boy,I hope I can pick this off,or else..."(referring to Hall).Not to mention Vontae is a better team player,hes not going to give the team a hard time on his behalf)

7:Miami Dolphins[6-10]Rey Maualuga/ILB out of USC
(Miami's defense is getting better,but will need another LB opposite of Crowder.Crowder...see...theres another reason to draft Maualuga.This is contract year for him,and if he doesnt perform well,he'll be gone,and Maualuga will be in.However if Miami picks up another starting ILB in FA,and Crowder is resigned,due to a good year,then Vontae Davis is the pick here)

6:Okland Raiders[5-11]-Michael Crabtree/WR out of Texas Tech
(The Raiders offense is missing one key peice....A WR!!!Crabtree coudl be the weapon that helps along McFadden and Russell)

5:Houston Texans[5-11]-Eugene Moore/OT out of Virginia
(Shaub could do anythin since the season started,and its all to blame on the line.Duane Brown isnt as good as Moore,and should have ever been taken where he was.Duane either gets more to the other T position,or plays guard,cause once Moore is drafted,he wont be playing LT)

4:Cincinnati Bengals[5-11]-Michael Johnson/DE out of Geogia Tech
(The Bengals defense has got to be among the worst,next to the Lions.They nees pass rush,and Johnson can provide that for them)

3-Detroit Lions[4-12]-Malcom Jenkins/CB out of Ohio St.
(their secondary is horrible,and their defense overall is terrible.Their not off to a good start,and so far its not looking to get better.Malcom is going to go to high here,but the Lions are in desperation for an answer at CB,but their not going to get it with just Jenkins.They need to get a decent pass rush in order help Jenkins and Bodden make something happen in game-time situations)

2:Kansas City Cheifs[3-13]-Matthew Strafford/QB out of Georgia
(They put some pei ces into their offense.Their still very young,having 15 draft picks last year,and its very unlikey they'll be a playoff team next year either,however,since they established some parts of the o line,and got Jamaal Charles,the guard out of Virginia(forgot name),etc.,their on pace to be a good team 2-3 years down the road,and adding Strafford to be their Franchise QB for the next 15 years)

1:St. Louis Rams[3-13]-Michael Oher/OT out of Ole' Miss
(If they replaced Mark Bulrger with Trent Green....thats enough said about their QB situation.Although I really dont think its his fault,that o line is beyond helpless.They really need an o lineman,but if your QB is being replaced by someone like Green,thats screams for help louder than anything else.I think they go Oher here,but dont be surprised if they go Strafford either)

TBC=to be continued

09-24-2008, 05:02 AM
I'll take Maualuga for sure! I wouldn't mind Vontae Davis though.

09-24-2008, 12:30 PM

:D although maualuga would be nice

09-24-2008, 04:24 PM
Id take Maualagua any day