View Full Version : Kill the bailout: The House floor debate is on

09-29-2008, 12:32 PM
The curtain opens. C-SPAN is carrying live coverage of the House floor debate on the trillion-dollar-plus Mother of All Bailouts. I’ll update continually here through the vote. If you haven’t had a chance to inhale the “crap sandwich,” take a whiff here (http://michellemalkin.com/2008/09/28/kill-the-bailout-the-crap-in-the-crap-sandwich/).
Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett just ended his anti-bailout statement with “The vultures are coming home to roost.”
Indiana GOP Rep. Mike Pence is on the floor now decrying “the largest corporate bailout in American history…Reject this bailout and vote no…”
Meantime, the Hill reports dissent (http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/house-members-in-both-parties-divided-over-bailout-2008-09-22.html)in both parties. And there’s a new activist website: No Cash for Trash. (http://nocashfortrash.org/)