View Full Version : After seeing what I saw yesterday ! general notes

Lorenzo Rules
09-29-2008, 01:55 PM
After watching highlights of the jets - cardinal game yesterday I saw what can be described as one of the most butt ugly uniforms, I dont ever want to hear any complaints about the orange jerseys . man that was so rough on my eyes I almost had warts on my eyes.

I saw what was what I would call a fassion fumble or a drunk seemstress and desinger showing up work drunk. gosh that was awefull.
I hope we never try that kind of colr scheme ugggh !

meanwhile I was at awe at how Denver could loose to the chiefs. so where this relates to dolphins football is this.

we need to beat the jets , Bills ,chargers and beat the broncos to show that we are not a fluke.

we need to bring in one more receiver and it would be nice if the Tuna and company could bring in another defensive tackle and cornerback.