View Full Version : Preview to the Bills VS. Dolphins game

The Spaz
09-16-2003, 01:11 AM
If you want to see what's it store for your team this coming weekend come here:

You NEED the newest version of Windows Media Player (version 9) to view and hear the vid.. www.windowsmedia.com

Most people are going to want to download the file before viewing it by right clicking the link (not the one below, the one on the the main page that says 9/14 Bills at Jaguars) and selecting Save As...

People on a GOOD cable/DSL or higher may be able to stream it without problems, but if you notice any skipping or stuttering, download it first, then view it.

And as always, crank it up!!!!

Slight change this week - the video link is on the front page - www.billszone.com (duh... ) - just scroll down a bit and you'll see it in the left hand column with all the others.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to jjamezz again he does incredible work! Enjoy!:lol: :tongue:

The Spaz
09-16-2003, 01:21 AM
Damn it please move this to the Dolphins forum or NFL forum....loL:)!