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10-09-2008, 03:07 PM
The seventh roster update for Madden 09 is being targeted to be out as early as tomorrow morning. This latest one seems to be more substantial than the last couple of updates. While it can be debated whether one or two point ratings changes really mean anything it is great to have the consistency of weekly roster updates which has led to them being more accurate than ever before.

CB Simeon Castille – Released by Bengals
LB Abdul Hodge – Signs with Bengals
WR Steve Sanders – Released by Browns
S Hamza Abdullah – Signs with Browns
G Enoka Lucas – Added to Cardinals (Practice Squad)
T Kelly Butler – Released from Cardinals/Removed
S Oliver Celestin – Added to Cardinals
DT Brandon McKinney – Released by Chargers/Removed
DE Andre Coleman – Added to Chargers (Practice Squad)
LB Antwan Applewhite – Added to Chargers
LB Weston Dacus – Added to Chiefs
DT Marcus Dixon – Added to Cowboys (Practice Squad)
TE Joey Haynos – Added to Dolphins
K Rhys Lloyd – Added to Panthers
RT Seth Wand – Released to Free Agents (IR)
TE John Madsen – Signs with Raiders
WR Eddie Kennison – Released by Rams
QB Joey Harrington – Released by Saints
DT Remi Ayodele – Signs with Saints
TE Jeb Putzier – Added to Seahawks
LB Patrick Bailey – Released by Steelers
DT Scott Paxson – Added to Free Agents
HB Najeh Davenport – Signs with Steelers
C Fernando Velasco – Added to Titans (Practice Squad)
Ratings Up
QB Kyle Orton – Bears – 78 to 79 – Looks pretty serviceable at the QB position for the Bears.
S Kevin Payne – Bears – 76 to 77 – Took a starting safety job in his second year out of college.
LB Dhani Jones – Bengals – 78 to 81 – The NFL’s leader in tackles after 5 weeks.
LB Keith Rivers – Bengals – 82 to 83 – Made a very nice INT against the Cowboys in week 5 and looks very fluid running it back.
WR Antonio Chatman – Bengals – 74 to 76 – Has emerged as the Bengals slot receiver and looks pretty quick.
WR Lee Evans – Bills – 91 to 92 – Now 99 speed after connecting on a long bomb with JP Losman for an 80+ yard TD.
HB Fred Jackson – Bills – 79 to 80 – The Do-it-all man for the Bills. Backs up at HB, catches a ton of passes and occasionally returns kicks and punts.
LB Wesley Woodyard – Broncos – 65 to 68 – Played safety in college and has put on a lot of weights, Shanahan says he has a future at Linebacker and broke up a pass in Week 5.
RT Ryan Harris – Broncos – 78 to 79 – Cutler has been sacked only 2 times all year. Tackle out of Notre Dame.
LT Ryan Clady – Broncos – 79 to 81 – Looks very good starting at LT for the Broncos.
LB Nate Webster – Broncos – 78 to 79 – Takes over at MLB as DJ Williams slides outside.
S Mike Adams – Browns – 75 to 77 – Playing extensively for the Browns due to injuries.
WR Steve Breaston – Cardinals – 75 to 78 – Stepped it up last week in place of Boldin and caught everything thrown at him.
LB Travis LaBoy – Cardinals – 79 to 81 – Had a couple of sacks in a win vs. the Bills in week 5.
QB Kurt Warner – Cardinals – 87 to 88 – Throw out the fumbles and INT’s, an absolute monster season in the works.
DT Jay Ratliff – Cowboys – 84 to 85 – Budding monster in the middle or outside for the Cowboys.
WR Miles Austin – Cowboys – 69 to 71 - #3/#4 receiver for the Cowboys.
SS Yeremiah Bell – Dolphins – 83 to 84 – Gotta be the best player in the Dolphins secondary.
HB Ronnie Brown – Dolphins – 91 to 92 – Looks all the way back from a knee injury.
T Jake Long – Dolphins – 85 to 86 - #1 pick out of Michigan, what a pick for the Dolphins in turning an weakness into a strength.
G Ike Ndukwe – Dolphins – 79 to 80 – Starting guard after injuries, this guy looks good in this scheme.
QB Chad Pennington – Dolphins – 82 to 84 – Making smart decisions in back to back wins for the Dolphins.
LT Sam Baker – Falcons – 78 to 79 – Good looking rookie LT for the Falcons, just came back from a concussion.
DE John Abraham – Falcons – 93 to 94 – NFL leader in sacks, dominated the Packer.
RT Tyson Clabo – Falcons – 75 to 78 – Shut down Kampman and the Packers in Week 5.
WR Roddy White – Falcons – 89 to 90 – Legitimate #1 receiver, future star after being the butt of many hands jokes early in his career.
CB Brent Grimes – Falcons – 75 to 77 – Starting at corner, good looking player.
WR Isaac Bruce – 49ers – 85 to 86 – Having a nice year in the Mike Martz offense.
FS Kenny Phillips – Giants – 80 to 82 – Getting more and more playing time as the heir apparent at the free safety position.
WR Domenik Hixon – Giants – 74 to 76 – Filled in for Plaxico Burress last week for 100 yards.
WR Mike Walker – Jaguars – 75 to 77 – Knee swelled up after he went for 100 yards vs. the Steelers.
LB David Bowens – Jets – 69 to 72 – Picked up a couple sacks in the shootout vs. the Cardinals.
DE Shaun Ellis – Jets – 86 to 87 – Playing nicely as a 3-4 end in the Jets new defense.
CB Pat Lee – Packers – 73 to 74 – Had a nice game vs. the Falcons including a questionable pass interference, the Packers might get something out of this draft class after all.
TE Tory Humphrey – Packers – 74 to 76 – Looks to get more playing time with footballs hitting starting TE Donald Lee in the facemask.
QB Jake Delhomme – Panthers – 85 to 86 – Looks good with a great run game and his main man Steve Smith back.
DT Ma’ake Kemoeatu – Panthers – 83 to 84 – Starting nose tackle and run plugger for the Panthers.
DT Damione Lewis – Panthers – 76 to 79 – Starts opposite Kemoeatu for the Panthers.
DT Justin Bannan – Ravens – 83 to 85 – Ravens haven’t missed a beat with him in there for injured Kelly Gregg.
HB Clinton Portis – Redskins – 91 to 94 – Looks like the best running back in the NFL right now.
RT Jon Jansen – Redskins – 82 to 87 – Got his job back after injury, know it’s probably his.
SS Chris Horton – Redskins – 74 to 78 – Looks like the real deal at safety for the Redskins.
TE Chris Cooley – Redskins – 92 to 93 – The only reason he’s not open is because he is blocking, great pass catching threat when allowed to go out.
LB Rocky McIntosh – Redskins – 88 to 89 – Was all over the field in week 5 vs. the Eagles.
DE Demetric Evans – Redskins – 72 to 76 – Filled in for Jason Taylor in a big win vs. the Eagles.
CB Tracy Porter – Saints – 76 to 77 – Rookie season just lost to injury, had started before that.
DT Kendrick Clancy – Saints – 77 to 79 – Plugged the middle vs. Vikings on Monday night.
LT Jamaal Brown – Saints – 94 to 95 – Neutralized pass rushing bull Jared Allen on Monday night.
RT Jon Stinchcomb – Saints – 82 to 85 – Does a great job in keeping Drew Brees upright.
LB LaMarr Woodley – Steelers – 83 to 84 – Forms a formidable pass rushing duo with fellow OLB James Harrison.
LB Zac Diles – Texans – 76 to 77 – Starting now in his second year out of Kansas State, picked up Peyton Manning in Week 5.
RT Eric Winston – Texans – 82 to 85 – Did a fine job against Robert Mathis of the Colts.
LT Duane Brown – Texans – 76 to 78 – Has picked it up since a rocky start, locked up with Dwight Freeney last week.
FS Michael Griffin – Titans – 88 to 89 – Has 4 INT’s and looks like a star.
LT Michael Roos – Titans – 88 to 91 – An up and coming star for the Titans at LT, both tackles were signed to lucrative contract extensions this past offseason.
RT David Stewart – Titans – 88 to 90 – A monster at RT who holds his own.
TE Bo Scaife – Titans – 82 to 84 – Has overtaken Alge Crumpler on looks from the QB in passing situations.
CB Antoine Winfield – Titans – 91 to 92 – Was Mr. Everything on Monday night, a hard hitting corner who plays the run.
LB Ben Leber – Vikings – 81 to 82 – Had a nice pass breakup deep in coverage in Week 5, role likely to expand after the loss of MLB EJ Henderson.
Ratings Down
HB Kenny Watson – Bengals – 83 to 80 – Cut last week and re-signed by the Bengals the next week.
HB Chris Perry – Bengals – 82 to 81 – Has fumbled 5 times on the year averaging 2.8 YPC.
TE Ben Utecht – Bengals – 81 to 78 – Looks slow and soft out there.
DE Tim Crowder – Broncos – 80 to 76 – Gameday inactive in his 2nd season.
DE Elvis Dumervil – Broncos – 90 to 89 – Has done nothing when the Broncos need any kind of pass rush.
C Nick Hardwick – Chargers – 94 to 92 – Just came back last week and opened some good holes early on vs. the Dolphins. Not the same offensive line.
CB Patrick Surtain – Chiefs – 89 to 87 – Just came back and played nickel giving way to Brandon Carr.
LB Donnie Edwards – Chiefs – 93 to 92 – Injured now and on the decline.
DE Tamba Hali – Chiefs – 86 to 81 – Has no sacks this year and opponents frequently targeted his side on running plays.
S Ken Hamlin – Cowboys – 90 to 88 – Has not carried the momentum from last year when he played very well.
S Roy Williams – Cowboys – 88 to 85 – Hurt now and only a 2 down player because he can’t cover a glass of water.
LB Zach Thomas – Cowboys – 93 to 92 – 0 tackles for loss and probably will stay that way. Can’t run anymore and sets up 5-7 yards off the LOS and waits to tackle a ball carrier after a 4-5 yard gain.
CB Domonique Foxworth – Falcons – 78 to 74 – Traded to Falcons and can’t get on the field.
WR Reggie Williams – Jaguars – 83 to 82 – TD machine last year, now can’t get any looks.
WR Jerry Porter – Jaguars – 86 to 84 – Just came back off injury and did nothing in his first game.
QB Jon Kitna – Lions – 84 to 83 – Has been battered too often, last year as a starting QB.
WR Mike Furrey – Lions – 84 to 79 – Not involved in the offense anymore.
WR Shaun McDonald – Lions – 87 to 83 – Hasn’t picked up the momentum from last year.
DT Cory Redding – Lions – 91 to 88 – Like the rest of the Lions defense, not doing a whole lot.
TE Michael Gaines – Lions – 79 to 74 – Product from UCF not doing much with the extra playing time.
LT Chad Clifton – Packers – 94 to 93 – Had a heck uv a time with John Abraham, left with a bad hamstring but could have been a benching.
KGB – Packers – 88 to 85 – Now a pass rushing specialist, does little when in the game.
RT Mark Tauscher – Packers – 93 to 92 – Commits too many penalties and can barely move anymore.
WR DJ Hackett – Panthers – 86 to 84 – Always hurt, got hurt in his first play back in Week 5.
TE Todd Heap – Ravens – 91 to 89 – All you fantasy players know how soft and bad he has been.
FS Josh Bullocks – Saints – 81 to 78 – Safety benched for the Saints, nothing more to say.
C Kevin Mawae – Titans – 94 to 91 – Getting up there in age, still a good player.
SS Darren Sharper – Vikings – 92 to 91 – Not the playmaker he once was, Vikings pass defense is far from its strength.
TE Randy McMichael – Rams – IR
DT Kelly Gregg – Ravens – IR
CB Tracy Porter – Saints - IR
LB E.J. Henderson – Vikings - IR
WR Lee Evans – Bills – 5 years

10-09-2008, 03:50 PM
Thanks alot, was waiting for this post.

10-09-2008, 05:08 PM
Those aren't huge rating boosts, but they are huge in what they mean. If two starting lineman and the running back become better, you can almost add half a yard per carry. Pennington's improvement lets you air it out more and keeps people from playing eight in the box too much.

I doubt I will use it much though. I am ten years into my franchise. Vernon Carey just retired.

10-09-2008, 09:28 PM
Penny doesnt make much of a difference to me anyways. I use Henne on Xbox Live, Put Ginn on the left side, put him deep, good for at least 2 TDs a game.

10-09-2008, 09:42 PM
Penny doesnt make much of a difference to me anyways. I use Henne on Xbox Live, Put Ginn on the left side, put him deep, good for at least 2 TDs a game.

We play radically different football. For the last few years, the number two tight end has always been my top player. Peelle was big for me last year and Martin was a non-factor, and now Martin is my leading receiver. I usually line up Ricky at fullback so both he and Ronnie are on the field.

Honestly, Ginn might get one catch a game, and that is when my other options run out.

10-09-2008, 11:02 PM
I just run alot first quarter till they start to stack then i slant ginn and hit him after he gets around an LB, ablout half the time ill get the catch with only one guy to juke to get into open field

10-09-2008, 11:05 PM
I throw to Fasano and Bess more then I ever do to Ginn

10-09-2008, 11:47 PM
I throw to Fasano and Bess more then I ever do to Ginn

I will throw long to Ginn once or twice to keep the defense from getting too comfortable. I will usually throw a bullet so it doesn't have that Pennington float that will be picked off too easily.

Ricky and Ronnie are good receivers coming out of the backfield. It really becomes really easy to play ball possession with them.

On defense I am still a mess. I have had a hard time getting used to the 3-4 and not having Taylor. I throw five rushers at the quarterback constantly, but in this new Madden quarterbacks complete passes too easily to make it effective.