View Full Version : Ok Ladies

11-23-2008, 09:42 PM
I dont know how many times i have read how sad and pathetic we played today and how it was a blow out blah blah blah..
Lets not fool ourselfs or the fans who didnt watch and come here to see what happened.
The D couldnt hang from the get go.
The turnovers are why and how we kept it close for 3 quarters.
The O surprised me big time.
They went score for score with these guys for 3 and a half quarters and that impressed me big time.
F cassel.
We made him look like brady.
No pass rush
1 on 1 with Moss is a NO NO
Chad played great and with a lot of fire.
Wr's did a great job.
Martin had a good game.
WAY to many flags on us.
bottom line
this team is MUCH improved from any of the last 5 years.
But if this is how we play vs good teams
than the playoffs would be ugly.
Dont let the score fool you this was a GOOD game for 45 min.