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09-22-2003, 12:06 PM
No Ray Lucas = Bills Loss

You girls just got a dose of reality.

You talk way too much smack! Get a life!

This gentle note is not intended for CW.

Surtain :spit: on Moulds

:friday: :nana:
:tsk: :tsk:
:party: :dance:

Jills fans :boohoo: :sosad:
Fins :judge: Jills
Jills :hail: Ricky now

09-22-2003, 12:08 PM
We will not lose to the Bills with Fiedler playing. I said that from the get go..

Great win.

09-22-2003, 12:11 PM
Need I say more....a collection of quotes from Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, the Democrat (or whatever the Bills' local newspaper is) along with other misc. quotes......

In summary.....Bills .....OVERRATED!

"They (the Dolphins) ran 73 plays to 44 for Buffalo."

"8 -- Bills first downs in the game. "

"Bledsoe completed 10 of 25 passes for 98 yards with two interceptions and four sacks" (all in just under 20 total minutes

on the field....great offensive line!)

"The Dolphins could also claim a victory in their feud with Moulds, who had just two receptions for 30 yards"

"The Bills' first four possessions produced two turnovers and no first

"The Bills led 14-0 after two possessions in each of those victories, but this time it took them 17½ minutes to make a first


"Miami took a Buffalo team that came into Sunday night's game outscoring its opponents 69-17 and made it look like an offense

that could play three months' worth of games and still not score. "

"The Dolphins limited the Bills to 118 total yards in a suffocating 17-7 victory that saw Buffalo's only score come on an

interception return by Nate Clements."

"...and the defense gave Buffalo 118 yards, 51 of them coming in the final possession when the Dolphins were in a prevent


The Bills came in averaging 32:30 and 346.5 yards in their first three games and had scored 69 points.

"Miami controlled the ball for 40:50, while the Bills had it for 19:10"

"He left with a passer rating of 18.4 after coming into the game having led the AFC in passer rating with 112.5."

"4.6 -- Drew Bledsoe’s quarterback rating in the first half, about 140 points below his final rating last week. "

"Sammy Knight, Brock Marion and Patrick Surtain all recorded interceptions. Four times the harrowed quarterback was

thunderously sacked, making one wonder if Bled-so might have been a more descriptive spelling this night"

"Miami's defense turned Buffalo's featured runner, Travis Henry, into a nonentity Sunday. And Eric Moulds -- involved in the

back-and-forth all week over whether he spit at the Dolphins last season -- had about as much impact on the outcome as an

Eric Moulds Bobblehead doll."

""They played an excellent game and kept our defense on the field," said Moulds. "

"The Bills managed just eight first downs and 118 net yards; they were 1-for-9 on third-down conversions and turned the ball

over three times including twice in the red zone; Drew Bledsoe was sacked four times and looked dumbfounded most of the

night; the offensive line was completely overmatched by the aggressive Miami defense; and Travis Henry carried five times for

seven yards before exiting late in the second quarter with bruised ribs."

"Before its final drive, the Bills had more penalty yardage (84) than total offense (67)."

""I'm not even tired," said linebacker Zach Thomas, who had 10 tackles. "

"Moulds, Josh Reed and Bobby Shaw rarely won their one-on-one battles with the Miami secondary, and Moulds contributed two

drops. "

"(Miami) now stands 11-3 for Sunday night lifetime."

Bluffalo Miami
1st Downs 8 23
3rd-Down Conversions 1-9 6-14
Time Of Pos. 19:10 40:50
Penalties-Yards 11-84 4-35
Total Plays 44 73
Net Yards Rushing 41 166
Net Yards Passing 77 147
Yards Per Pass 2.6 5.1
Total Net Yards 118 313

09-22-2003, 12:30 PM
"Before its final drive, the Bills had more penalty yardage (84) than total offense (67)."

That is one amazing stat.

09-22-2003, 12:31 PM
Perhaps we can get our running game going, and improve our rush defense by our next meeting in December.
Y'all deserved to win that one....you played better than we did, plain and simple. Congratulations.

09-22-2003, 12:36 PM
well at the mom with the way bowens and chester shutting down the middle and #54 and #55 flying around, it will be pretty tough to run against this unit

09-22-2003, 01:39 PM
:D What more can I say. LOL, if not counting the TD (by your defense) it was a shut out!!!! Shelby/3W it's most unfortunate that you don't come to the bar anymore. Although we have a bye next week. I WILL BE THERE WITH BELLS ON and a RICKY WILLIAMS jersey. I think Joe said it best last night. Usually when I guy runs for 140 or more he has one or two big plays. Ricky urned it 3 yards at a time. AND UP THE MIDDLE NO LESS. Oh yea and how bout the pregame hype featuring Spikes (although I thought it was cool).
"He is one man we are 11" you do the math.
150 yards Mr. Spikes YOU DO THE MATH!!!!! Hello, the name is Ricky, seems they were never properly intruduced.

Oh yea, one more thing IS IT HOT ENOUGH FOR YA!!!!