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1 dol fan
12-10-2008, 12:25 AM
It seems to me that there is a push in the NFL for 2 different things and they have been going on for a long time.

There has always been the battle between size and speed. The hard hitting run first teams always wanted the biggest guys on the field at all times and lots of them! These teams tend to want to use unbalanced lines adding an extra tackle to one side. The Baltimore Ravens even had a formation in which they had 3 tackles (!!!) on one side! That is the most extreme showing of the love of size. these teams love the phrase 3 yards and a pile of dust and other slogans concerning big men that move the defense with ease. These are the teams that often use long drives that take up time and tend to end with a TD most times.

Then there are those teams that love the speed. They prefer to convert good blocking tight ends into linemen so they can be more agile and can pull and trap block more effectively for the outside runs and such. These teams go by the motto of death with finesse and speed kills and other slogans concerning putting opposing defenses in places that they can't stop the runner at the line and then the running back outruns the rest of the defense. These offense are explosive but if they can't get a big play, they tend to make it within field goal range but end their drives with 3 if their big play doesn't go all the way.

I believe the Wildcat is a way to get just the right amount of size and speed at the right time. The runningbacks tend to be stronger and tougher than other specialists like QBs and WRs. so you are leaning towards bigger men there. Also, you have an unbalanced line so you have an extra big guy on one side and also your RBs are quick too!

I think eventually, you will find formations including only 1 or 2 specialists on the offense at one time. You will have linemen (the strongest men on the field) and you will have Running backs ( often the shiftiest people on the field and often have a good ratio of size and speed) exclusively if not a TE/FB or 2.

This may bring about a new type of QB. A big, strong running back style QB that can throw downfield and break tackles (Tim Tebow comes to mind).

Then you have use mostly the biggest linemen you can find and the tackles must be able to catch a bit (so every once in a while you can thwo a quick TD to the big man) and this iwll eliminate the need for smaller type TEs that specialize in catching the ball (we want blockers first! catchers second!).

Then of course you have the wide range of runningbacks/widerecivers. For these guys I would like to use the TEs that lost out on a job since my new offense became a base formation around the league. The big running backs or medium sized TEs that can run people over and block and have a little speed!

I want guys that can do everything pretty much. lots of big guys that can move people and jack people up and catch a bit. I want a big QB that can run someone over and throw downfield a bit. I also want a Runningback that will run people over, carry them on their back, and out run the rest of the defense after catching a quick bubble screen outside the numbers.

This has to be an easy offense to find people for... :up:

Go at it friends!

12-10-2008, 04:55 PM
in my mind i think the next "craze" to come to the nfl is going to be the a-11 offense http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VULYlK6jH9I it seems crazy yes but 3 line men 2 QB's and the st are wr's ok call it crazy i understand and it will be hard getting that many wr's and so on to work together and so on but its insane because they run wildcat type plays between the qb's like options and stuff like that. but then they can also scramble flip it back and bomb it like crazy and the defense needs like 8 dbs to guard it anyway. so idk i think since we main streamed the wildcat more teams will be running some stuff in traning camp trying to find the next fad. i like your idea it seems more reasonable then this also :)

1 dol fan
12-10-2008, 05:08 PM
i have heard of the A-11 before. It is intriguing and I have shown my football coach this too. It seems like it would be more of an offense if one year, a high school coach finds himself with only a few big guys on his team that can block and a bunch of little scrappy guys. This is just my opinion but I believe this is the situation that coach found himself in. I guess it is true that necessity is the mother of invention.