View Full Version : ESPN.. makes me sick.

01-01-2009, 05:35 PM
Well, we all hate ESPN for its Brett obssession, for its continuating bias against the dolphins.

The one thing I liked about ESPN was its analysists dislike of the BCS system. Since ESPN signed a deal with the BCS though, makes me sick... the BCS pandering is not even subtle.

Its sick. Every game I watch "well you know I like the BCS" or "the Rose bowl gives us the best match up every year." Sickening.

01-01-2009, 05:42 PM
Well, they have to promote it sometimes.

I wonder what the ratings for the VT-Cincy game are going to be like.

01-01-2009, 08:14 PM
There's no ESPN bias against the Dolphins. Go check the forums of other team in the NFL and in college football. They all cry about how ESPN has a bias against their team. ESPN has praised the Dolphins all season about their turnaround. Jet fans are claiming there's a bias against them because they're dragging Brett's name thru the mud with the "anonymous player" and the Thomas Jones statement.

ESPN radio specifically has praised the Dolphins day in and day out and just pounded the Jets front office and pinpointed management for their disappointment their franchise has suffered. ESPN radio has said the exact opposite about the Dolphins front office and their ownership. Take a look at who a lot of the ESPN analysts are picking as the Wild Card upset this weekend where the most of the road teams are favored. Most like the Dolphins. There's even been MVP talk for Chad Pennington.

If there's one fan base out there that complains about an ESPN bias more than any other in any sport professional or college it's the Miami Hurricanes fan base. I hear it all the time about how they call us "Thug U" an all that garbage. It's nonsense. They bag on Penn State for their arrests this season and they've praised Randy Shannon for instilling discipline in the program and giving the U an image facelift; yet fans still cry piss and moan when ESPN reports that five Miami players were suspended for the bowl game.

The fact is, no one pays attention to other teams because of their personal bias for THEIR team. If ESPN is talking about the Broncos in a good or bad manner, we aren't listening. We're doing other things. But as soon as they mention the Dolphins or Hurricanes we stop and turn our heads. It's like being in a crowded area and someone yelling your name: "JAY!" I'll turn around and look. If someone yells "BRAD" I simply keep doing what I'm doing.

ESPN has no bias. ESPN roots for interesting because it pulls ratings.