View Full Version : playoff lodging and such

1 dol fan
01-02-2009, 12:13 AM
I think that we should have a special thread stickied for people to post about places to stay in or around Miami. I know that many of the dol-fans that come here are not living in Miami or the surrounding areas.

I think we should send out the locals to help out other phins-out-of-water who want to travel down to see the game! I think some categories would be Lodging, Restaurants, and maybe even flights.

I think this might help some people out and give some good local businesses some advertisement. As a dol-fan in Wisconsin, I know i would like to come prepared with some knowledge from other trusted Phin-heads.

Also if anyone on the site who owns a business wants to give some good deals to anyone who mentions finheaven, that would be allowed too!

I can't make it for the game but with all the playoff buzz, you hear lots of people talking about this type of stuff on here who might want some advice.