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01-14-2009, 07:34 PM
1-Clint Sintim,SOLB out of Virginia(6'3",254)-really need a pass rusher

2-Victor Harris,CB out of Virginia Tech(6'0",192)-need an impact corner

2b-Ron Brace,NT out of Boston College(6'3",325)-need a big NT for future

3-Ramses Barden,WR out of Cal Poly(6'5",227)-THEE next Vincent Jackson

4-Antonio Appleby,ILB/ROLB out of Virginia(6'4",255)-Great potential for starting

5-Fred Roland,LT out of Duke(6'8",300)-need some depth

7-Ian Campbell,ILB/SOLB out of Kansas State(6'5",255)-depth really,but more?

7b-Terrance Moore,SS out of Troy(6'2",218)-great potential like Yeremiahl Bell

7c-Scott Burley,RT out of Maryland(6'5",335)-good depth

01-14-2009, 08:19 PM
I am hoping we invest one of the first three picks on an OG.

01-14-2009, 08:32 PM
Nice Draft!!

Although I would prefer Sean Smith at CB over Harris, assuming he is still there at that pick.

01-14-2009, 09:23 PM
love the mock, that first pick is so difficult to decide. I can see them going in so many different ways depending who is available. But great mock!

01-14-2009, 09:24 PM
i also like sean smith more the victor harris. I like the Utah players...

01-15-2009, 01:07 AM
Victor Harris will be one of the best CB's in this class by the end of his rookie year. He does not play touch football when on the field. He has very good hands for a CB. His return skills are just a really nice bonus.

If you want a guy to play bump the WR on the line...well he just simply loves the game. He does not have 1st class sprinter speed. But not many DB's that are faster than him can cover like him. He does take some risk by jumping the route. That has gotten him into trouble over the past couple of seasons. I just think the NFL will give him a place to showcase his skills.

I would love for Miami to get him at the Top of the 2nd round. But I think he will be gone by 25 in the first round.

Really watch some games with him and you will come away with this impression that the guy loves to tackle, plays very physical on the bump at the line. He can play man or zone very well in coverage. If the ball hits the mitt get the offense ready. After the combine a lot of people are going to love this kid.


01-15-2009, 01:10 AM
Also keep in mind the UVA connection...

They know all about the Hokie Standout Victor Macho Harris...

He WAS feared in the ACC. Teams did not want to test the waters to much...they would throw at him more in zone than man.

01-15-2009, 02:09 AM
Replace Macho with hakeem nicks or kenny britt... and the third pick with a OG/OT

01-20-2009, 07:00 PM
1-Duke Robinson,OG out of Oklahoma(6'5",335)

I took Sintim off the list cause I think Cameron Wake will be a factor in MIA's decision into taking another rusher,or improving the offensive line.Whiel I think we can all agree that the o-line has gotten significantly betetr,we still CANNOT run the ball.We need to get some linemen who can do their job the best,and really contribute not only agaisnt the pass,but in the running game too,and Duke is great at both,and I feel his is one of the elite guards to come in in quite sometime.Now,hopefully MIA resigns Carey to RT,and we move Smiley back to his natural RG,and let Duke play at LG,where is more dominate,and will make our offensive bigger and stronger,which is too things it significantly lacks.


That is a bomba** line peepz

former pick[Clint Sintim,SOLB out of Virginia(6'3",254)]

2-Sean Smith,S/CB out of Utah(6'3",215)

Smith is a great talent.Need I not bring up the one-handed INT grab by him(SICK!!!).Smith is also good in coverage,but he can get better at run support,and perhaps going for more "sure plays",like getting better at the same old dull,"wrap up tackle".But he would be a great find,early in the second round)

former pick[Macho Harris,CB out of Virginia Tech(6'0",192)]

2b-Ron Brace,NT out of Boston College(6'3",325)

Ron Brace is a proto-typical NT in a 3-4 defense,and can clug the hole and stop the run.Dont know if he can get better at rushing the QB,but theres no question he can get in his face.He ahs the frame and build to put on some more weight,and get stronger.Soliai is wonder to stay w/ this team this off-season,and is on the verge of being not only off the Phins roster,but out of the NFL.He is still a player looked upon as "high potential",but he is so unpredictable and unaccountable,it would be insane to think the Phins wont get another NT for the future

3-Ramses Barden,WR out of Cal Poly SLO(6'5",227)

I swear to you all,Barden is THEE next Vincent Jackson.Solid hands,great side,and speed,and outstanding upside.I hope Ireland scouts this guy,cause if he doesnt like him,then I trust him that hes seen something I havent,which wouldn't be hard to believe,but I am so sure of myself he will bring great memories in Dolphins Stadium

4-Antonio Appleby,ILB/ROLB out of Virginia(6'4",255)

I really like Antonio,I think he has great size,and overall upside to make an impact on teh Phins.He really reminds me of a lot like Shaun Phillips of the San Diego Chargers.he is big,fast,and srtong,and can stop the run,as well as get to the QB.Could be is starter one day,in my eyes

5-C.J. Davis,C/G out of Pittsburgh(6'5",310)

really plays guard,but has some Center experience,and is athletic,and can move around inside the line.Satele lacks Davis's size and strength,so it will be entertaining to see who comes out ontop if it ever came down to a duel in TC between them...maybe Satele will bring his "A game"

7-Ian Campbell,ILB/SOLB out of Kansas State(6'5",255)

Ian is really is SP teams wonder,but he can eba solid role player w/ some years under a guy liek Parcells,but as far as starting potential,HUGE downside

7b-Don Carey,CB out of Norfolk State(6'1",180)

Carey showed a lot of promise in the East West Shrine Game,and could be something to look for earlier in the draft,but he is still a projected 7th or undrafted player,but I think he can be a good nickle in about 2-3 years of learning and studying,and then...who knows...

7c-Scott Burley,RT out of Maryland(6'5",335)

Burley is a big linemen who will add nice depth behind Carey on the right-side of the line