View Full Version : FA will have HUGE impact on draft...more than usual?

01-20-2009, 02:13 PM
With alot of quality defensive and some good offensive players up for FA this year there is alot of talent to be had and alot of that could help us fill holes.

last year seemed simple just bring in talent and draft more talent even if it is along the same position just get deeper and better.

But this year we can go in so many directions has a FA period ever had an impact on a draft like this year could for us?

I have tried to put together some mock drafts but looking at this years FA class i think it is nearly impossible to predict the draft i mean look...

If we resign Carey or pick up Gross....that means we dont draft a tackle till later in the draft....but if we dont we could probably take a tackle with our first or second pick.

If we get Scott, Dansby plus resign Channing we have our LB and will add depth in later round probably stating in the 3rd, If we get only Scott or Dansby and dont resign Channing that means we could look for a MLB with our first couple of picks

IF we are able to get McFadden or another DB somehow we wont get a DB into late int eh draft or we could not get one at all. No DB in free agency means atleast to me we go DB in the first two rounds.

It just seems that this years FA period has more impact on our draft than in years past. Is that just me or is it a como of our draft position and holes that we could fill otherwise.

This offseason already has me confused but i cant wait to see how it plays out.

I really dont have a dream off season now cause so much could happen i will just let it play out and have confidence in our FO.

SR 7
01-20-2009, 02:31 PM
if we get a C in FA we wont in the draft, we resign carey we wont in the draft, we WILL go for a G or C either way in the draft i believe if not FA cuz they really want to fix the O line from what I hear.

if we get dansby or scott, i see us STILL drafting a LB in the top 4 rounds, and i still see us getting an OLB in round 1-2 either way unless we get suggs. We wont go for a WR if we get a guy like austin or bryant cuz miami loves cam bess and ginn. and london is a favorite project of theirs with potential. if we get Atogwe and resign bell we wont go S in the draft. if we get a NT in FA in watson or what not we wont in the draft. we have so many ifs that we can't predict jack **** right now thats why i acn't wait until feb 27 lollllll

01-20-2009, 02:56 PM
The signing of Cameron Wake has already affected our draft needs in my opinion. Do not underestimate his legitimacy.