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01-28-2009, 12:07 PM
*Kurt Warner-Quarterback-Resigns w/ Cardinals
*Matt Cassel-Quarterback-Franchised by the Patriots
*Kerry Collins-Quarterback-Resigned by Titans
*Jeff Garcia-Quarterback-Signed by Bears
*Rex Grossman-Quarterback-Signed by Jaguars
*Kyle Boller-Quarterback-Signed by Jets
*JP Losman-Quarterback-Signed by Panthers
*Patrick Ramsey-Quarterback-Signed by Cowboys
*Brandon Jacobs-Running Back-Franchised by Giants
*Darren Sproles-Running Back-Resigned by Chargers
*Derrick Ward-Running Back-Signed by Rams
*Dominic Rhodes-Running Back-Resigned by Colts
*Maurice Morris-Running Back-Signed by Lions
*Rudi Johnson-Running Back-Signed by Jaguars
*Lamont Jordan-Running Back-Resigned by Patriots
*TJ Houshmandzadeh-Wide Receiver-Signed by Seahawks
*Bobby Engram-Wide Receiver-Signed by Bengals
*Devery Henderson-Wide Receiver-Signed by Lions
*Shaun McDonald-Wide Receiver-Signed by Titans
* Amani Toomer-Wide Receiver-Signed by Vikings
*Jordan Gross-Offensive Tackle-Signed by Buccaneers
*Jeff Saturday-Center-Resigned by Colts
*Marvel Smith-Offensive Tackle-Signed by Chargers
*Jason Brown-Center-Signed by Dolphins
*Matt Birk-Center-Signed by Rams
*Khalif Barnes-Offensive Tackle- Signed by Eagles
*Vernon Carey-Offensive Tackle-Resigned by Dolphins
*Mike Goff-Guard-Signed by Packers
*Mark Tauscher-Offensive Tackle-Signed by 49ers
*Julius Peppers-Defensive End-Franchised by Panthers
*Albert Haynesworth-Defensive Tackle-Resigned by Titans
*Chris Canty-Defensive End-Signed by Packers
*Bertrand Berry-Defensive End-Signed by Benals
*Rocky Bernard-Defensive Tackle-Signed by Panthers
*Ray Lewis-Inside Linebacker-Resigned by Ravens
*Terrell Suggs-Outside Linebacker-Franchised by Ravens
*Karlos Dansby-Linebacker-Signed by Dolphins
*Jonathan Vilma-Signed by Giants
*Bart Scott-Linebacker-Signed by Jets
*Channing Crowder-Linebacker-Signed by Chiefs
*Mike Peterson-Linebacker-Signed by Cowboys
*Leroy Hill-Linebacker-Resigned by Seahawks
*Nnamdi Aomugha-Cornerback-Franchised by Raiders
* Mike Brown-Safety-Jaguars
*Brian Dawkins-Safety-Resigned by Eagles
* Dunta Robinsin-Cornerback-Signed by Patrioits
*OJ Atogwe-Safety-Franchised by Rams
*Yeremiah Bell-Resigned by Dolphins
*Bryant McFadden-Cornerback-Signed by Texans
*Andre Goodman-Cornerback-Resigned by Dolphins
*Kevin Carter-Defensive End-Resigned by Buccaneers
*Philip Buchanon-Cornerback-Resigned by Buccaneers

Mock Draft

[Round 1]

Lions: Andre Smith-Offensive Tackle-Alabama

Analysis: I think that this is a major reach and I donít think Smith is the best Tackle in the class by any means. Smithís footwork is horrendous and his ability to speed rushers is lacking. Smith is still a good player and due to name recognition will go higher than he qualifies for. With that said Smith is far better to protect a Quarterback than Jeff Backus.

Rams: Michael Crabtree-Wide Receiver-Texas Tech

Analysis: Do they need a Left tackle? Yes. The bottom line is that Crabtree is just too good to pass up. Torry holt is falling out of favor in St. Louis, Drew Bennett canít stay on the field so Crabtree fills a need and is the best player on the board, SLAM DUNK.

Chiefs: Brian Orakpo-Defensive End-Texas

Analysis: Some people see Orakpo as an Outside Linebacker in a 3-4, I donít see it. I think he is strictly a 4-3 defensive end who does have great ability to rush the passer. He is a workout warrior who will benefit from the combine. Plays strong and sheds blocks fairly wel.

Seahawks: Jason Smith-Offensive Tackle-Baylor

Analysis: Walter Jones is getting older and more injury prone so they need to address Offensive Tackle and Offensive Line as a whole. Jason Smith is my top rated Tackle in this draft due to his amazing footwork and strength. Smith plays fast and has ability to get to the second level.

Browns: Aaron Curry-Linebacker-Wake Forest

Analysis: Aaron Curry is a total value here and the Browns can use him both inside and outside. Curry plays with fire and has amazing ability. Good coverage ability and good strength to take on blockers and get to the ball-carrier.

Bengals: Knowshon Moreno-Running Back-Georgia

Analysis: I donít consider myself a smart man but I do think that counting on Cedric Benson is a moronic move. Knowshon Moreno is the complete NFL Running Back as he is a solid pass catcher, is not afraid to block, and is magic with the ball in his hands. Having a Running Back of this caliber will take pressure off of Carson Palmer.

Raiders: Eugene Monroe-Offensive Tackle-Virginia

Analysis: Kwame Harris is the worst starting Left tackle in football and I say that will confidence. They have a lot of money invested in Jamarcus Russell so they better start protecting him. Monroe has a strong punch that gives him the initial advantage on a defender. He is also an effective run-blocker which should fair well for Darren McFadden.

Jaguars: Jeremy Maclin-Wide Receiver-Missouri

Analysis: The Jaguars will never make it until they get a guy who can catch the ball and make plays. They overpaid for Jerry Porter and he is a free-agent bust. Maclin will help in the return game and is a big play receiver as well. The Jaguars offense lacks an identity and Maclin can start to give them one.

Packers: BJ Raji-Nose Tackle-Boston College

Analysis: The Packers are making the switch to a 3-4 defense and they need a big guy to clog the middle and eat up blockers, Raji fits the bill. Raji is the best pure Nose Tackle in the draft and it makes perfect sense for the Packers who missed big-time in 2006 on Justin Harrell.

49ers: Matthew Stafford-Quarterback-Georgia

Analysis: I donít think that the 49ers are coming into the draft with Quarterback as their main priority but when Stafford falls to them here they jump all over him. There is no question that Stafford has an NFL ready arm and can make all the throws. I question his toughness and ability to win a big game however;

Bills: Everette Brown-Defensive End-Florida State

Analysis: Everette Brown has great speed and is a good pass rusher but some label him as one dimensional. He needs work against the run but is a good value here at #11. He will benefit from playing opposite of Aaron Schobal and on the same line as Aaron Schobal.

Broncos: Chris Wells-Running Back-Ohio State

Analysis: I am not sold on Mike Pittman, Ryan Torian, or Peyton Hillis as a feature back and if Tatum Bell was a cat he would have used all nine lives. Chris Wells is a big, physical back who has proven to be a homerun hitter. He is a little soft for my liking so I think he needs to get tougher but there is no question that this guy is an every down NFL back. He will be the best Broncos Running Back since Terrell Davis.

Redskins: Michael Oher-Offensive Tackle-Mississippi

Analysis: The Redskins have really had injury issues along their entire offensive line. Jon Jansen spends more time on the IR than on the field, Chris Samuels was put on IR last season so it is safe to say that a solid Offensive Tackle who can play either right or left tackle would be a major need. Oher is strong and plays well with his power. Good coaching can help Oher with some on the inconsistency issues he currently faces. There is no doubt in my mind that Oher could turn out to be the best Offensive linemen drafted.

Saints: Malcolm Jenkins-Cornerback-Ohio State
Texans: Aaron Maybin-Defensive End-Penn State
Chargers: Rey Maualuga-Inside Linebacker-USC
Jets: Tyson Jackson-Defensive End-LSU
Bears: Mark Sanchez-Quarterback-USC
Buccaneers: Peria Jerry-Defensive Tackle-Mississippi
Lions (Cowboys): Vontae Davis-Cornerback-Illinois
Eagles: Darrius Heyward Bey-Wide Receiver-Maryland
Vikings: James Laurinaitis-Inside Linebacker-Ohio State
Patriots: Clint Sintim-Outside Linebacker-Virginia
Falcons: Brandon Pettigrew-Tight End-Oklahoma State
Dolphins: Larry English-Outside Linebacker-Northern Illinois
Ravens: Sean Smith-Cornerback-Utah
Colts: DJ Moore-Cornerback-Vanderbilt
Eagles (Panthers): Michael Johnson-Defensive End-Georgia Tech
Giants: Brian Cushing-Linebacker-USC
Titans: Percy Harvin-Wide Receiver-Florida
Cardinals: Alphonso Smith-Cornerback-Wake Forest
Steelers: Duke Robinson-Offensive Guard-Oklahoma


Lions: Louis Delmas-Safety-Western Michigan
Rams: Darius Butler-Cornerback-Connecticut
Chiefs: Max Unger-Offensive Line-Oregon
Seahawks: Hakeem Nicks-Wide Receiver-North Carolina
Browns: LeSean McCoy-Running Back-Pittsburgh
Bengals: Rashad Johnson-Safety-Alabama
Raiders: Kenny Britt-Wide Receiver-Rutgers
Jaguars: Alex Mack-Center-California
Packers: Victor Harris-Cornerback-Virginia Tech
49ers: Clay Matthews Jr.-Outside Linebacker-USC
Bills: Chase Coffman-Tight End-Missouri
Broncos: Roberty Ayers-Defensive End-Tennessee
Dolphins (Redskins): William Moore-Safety-Missouri
Giants (Saints): Ron Brace-Defensive Tackle-Boston College
Texans: Patrick Chung-Safety-Oregon
Chargers: Eben Britton-Offensive Tackle-Arizona
Jets: Donald Brown-Running Back-Connecticut
Bears: Juaquin Iglesias-Wide Receiver-Oklahoma
Buccaneers: Josh Freeman-Quarterback-Kansas State
Cowboys: Eric Wood-Center/Guard-Louisville
Eagles: Connor Barwin-Defensive End/Tight End-Cincinnati
Vikings: William Beatty-Offensive Tackle-Connecticut
Patriots: Shonn Greene-Running Back-Iowa
Falcons: Fili Moala-Defensive Tackle-USC
Dolphins : SeníDerrick Marks-Defensive Tackle-Auburn
Ravens: Ramses Barden-Wide Receiver-Cal. Poly
Colts: Jarron Gilbert-Defensive Tackle-San Jose State
Panthers: Nate Davis-Quarterback-Ball State
Giants: Darry Beckwith-Inside Linebacker-LSU
Titans: Kevin Barnes-Cornerback-Maryland
Cardinals: Jonathan Luigs-Center-Arkansas
Steelers: Phil Loadholt-Offensive Tackle-Oklahoma


Lions: Antoine Caldwell-Center-Alabama
Rams: Evander Hood-Defensive Tackle-Missouri
Chiefs: Derrick Williams-Wide Receiver-Penn State
Seahawks: Jeremiah Johnson-Running Back-Oregon
Browns: Jairus Byrd-Cornerback-Oregon
Bengals: Herman Johnson-Offensive Line-LSU
Raiders: Maurice Evans-Defensive End-Penn State
Jaguars: Andy Levitre-Offensive Guard-Oregon State
Packers: Shawn Nelson-Tight End-Southern Mississippi
49ers: Michael Hamlin-Safety-Clemson
Bills: Zach Follet-Outside Linebacker-California
Broncos: Cody Brown-Outside Linebacker-Connecticut
Redskins: Phillip Hunt-Defensive End-Houston
Jets (Saints): Pat White-Quarterback/Wide Receiver-West Virginia
Texans: Marcus Freeman-Outside Linebacker-Ohio State
Chargers: Andre Brown-Running Back-NC State
Packers (Jets): James Davis-Running Back-Clemson
Bears: Kraig Ubrik-Offensive Guard-Wisconsin
Buccaneers: Gerald McGrath-Outside Linebacker-Southern Mississippi
Lions (Cowboys): Vance Walker-Defensive Tackle-Georgia Tech
Eagles: Javon Ringer-Running Back-Michigan State
Vikings: Jared Cook-Tight End-South Carolina
Patriots: Austin Collie-Wide Receiver-BYU
Falcons: Mike Mickens-Cornerback-Cincinnati
Dolphins: Brian Robiskie-Wide Receiver-Ohio State
Ravens: Paul Krugar-Defensive End-Utah
Colts: Troy Kropog-Offensive Tackle-Tulane
Panthers: Trevor Canfield-Offensive Guard-Cincinnati
Giants: James Casey-Tight End-Rice
Titans: Dominique Johnson-Cornerback-Jackson State
Cardinals: Rashard Jennings-Running Back-Liberty
Steelers: DeAngelo Smith-Cornerback-Cincinnati


Lions: Jason Phillips-Inside Linebacker-TCU
Rams: Derek Pegues-Safety-Mississippi State
Chiefs: Fenuki Tupou-Offensive Tackle-Oregon
Seahawks: Asher Allen-Cornerback-Georgia
Browns: Alex Boone-Offensive Tackle-Ohio State
Bengals: Tim Jamison-Defensive End-Michigan
Raiders: Emmanuel Cook-Safety-South Carolina
Jaguars: David Bruton-Safety-Notre Dame
Packers: Pannel Egboh-Defensive End-Stanford
49ers: Glen Coffee-Running Back-Alabama
Bills: AQ Shipley-Center-Penn State
Broncos: Sherrod Martin-Cornerback-Troy
Redskins: Brandon Williams-Defensive End-Texas Tech
Saints: Tyrone McKenzie-Outside Linebacker-South Florida
Texans: Captain Munnerlyn-Cornerback-South Carolina
Chargers: Courtney Greene-Safety-Rutgers
Jets: Louis Murphy-Wide Receiver-Florida
Bears: Chip Vaughan-Safety-Wake Forest
Buccaneers: David Veikune-Defensive End-Hawaii
Cowboys: Garrett Reynolds-Offensive Tackle-North Carolina
Eagles: Travis Beckum-Tight End-Wisconsin
Vikings: Rhett Bomar-Quarterback-Sam Houston State
Patriots: Garrett Reynolds-Offensive Tackle-North Carolina
Falcons: Mohamed Massaqui-Wide Receiver-Georgia
Dolphins: Keenan Lewis-Cornerback-Oregon State
Ravens: Marko Mitchell-Wide Receiver-Nevada
Colts: Ellis Lankster-Cornerback-West Virginia
Panthers: Darryl Richard-Defensive Tackle-Georgia Tech
Giants: Jarrett Dillard-Wide Receiver-Rice
Titans: Ricky-Jean-Francois-Defensive Tackle-LSU
Cardinals: Dannell Ellerbe-Inside Linebacker-Georgia
Steelers: Tyronne Greene-Offensive Guard-Auburn


Lions: Devin Moore-Running Back-Wyoming
Rams: Augustus Parrisch-Offensive Tackle-Kent State
Chiefs: Brandon Hughes-Cornerback-Oregon State
Seahawks: Kenny McKinley-Wide Receiver-South Carolina
Browns: Coye Francies-Cornerback-San Jose State
Bengals: Cornelius Ingram-Tight End-Florida
Raiders: Dorell Scott-Defensive Tackle-Clemson
Jaguars: Josh Mauga-Inside Linebacker-Nevada
Packers: Nic Harris-Outside Linebacker/Safety-Oklahoma
49ers: Demetrius Byrd-Wide Receiver-LSU
Bills: Jason Watkins-Offensive Tackle-Florida
Broncos: Andy Kemp-Guard-Wisconsin
Redskins: George Hypolite-Defensive Tackle-Colorado
Saints: Mike Thomas-Wide Receiver-Arizona
Texans: Chris Baker-Defensive Tackle-Hampton
Chargers Aaron Kelly-Wide Receiver-Clemson
Jets: Cary Harris-Cornerback-USC
Bears: Terrence Taylor-Defensive Tackle-Michigan
Buccaneers: Matt Shaughnessy-Defensive End-Wisconsin
Cowboys: Cullen Harper-Quarterback-Clemson
Eagles: Cedric Peerman-Running Back-Virginia
Vikings: Jaison Williams-Wide Receiver-Oregon
Patriots: Anthony Hill-Tight End-NC State
Falcons: Lawrence Sidbury-Defensive End-Richmond
Dolphins: Otis Wiley-Safety-Michigan State
Ravens: Brian Mandeville-Tight End-Northeastern
Colts: PJ Hill-Running Back-Wisconsin
Panthers: Trimane Goddard-Safety-North Carolina
Giants: Will Davis-Defensive End-Illinois
Titans: Antonio Appleby-Inside Linebacker-Virginia
Cardinals: Bruce Johnson-Cornerback-Miami Florida
Steelers: Jerraud Powers-Cornerback-Auburn


Lions: Hunter Cantwell-Quarterback-Louisville
Rams: Scott McKillop-Inside Linebacker-Pittsburgh
Chiefs: Mark Parson-Cornerback-Miami ohio
Seahawks: Curtis Painter-Quarterback-Purdue
Browns: Sammie Stroughter-Wide Receiver-Oregon State
Bengals: Jeremy Childs-Wide Receiver-Boise State
Raiders: Xavier Fullton-Offensive Tackle-Illinois
Jaguars: Kory Sheets-Running Back-Purdue
Packers: Quinn Johnson-Fuullback-LSU
49ers: Morty ivy-Outside Linebacker-West Virginia
Bills: Jonathan Casillas-Linebacker-Wisconsin
Broncos: Brandon Gibson-Wide Receiver-Washingtn State
Redskins: DeAndre Levy-Linebacker-Wisconsin
Saints: Kevin Ellison-Safety-USC
Texans: Tiquan Underwood-Wide Receiver-Rutgers
Chargers: Graham Harrell-Quarterback-Texas Tech
Jets: Mike Wallace-Wide Receiver-Mississippi
Bears: Kyle Moore-Outside Linebacker-USC
Buccaneers: John Parker Wilson-Quarterback-Alabama
Lions (Cowboys): Graham Gano-Kicker-Florida State
Eagles: Mitch King-Defensive Line-Iowa
Vikings: Wopomo Osaisai-cornerback-Stanford
Patriots: Dallas Reynolds-Center-BYU
Falcons: Orion Martin-Defensive End/Outside Linebacker-Virginia Tech
Cowboys (Dolphins): Brandon Tate-Wide Receiver-North Carolina
Ravens: Louie Sakado-Kicker-Utah
Colts: Roy Miller-Defensive Tackle-Texas
Panthers: Joe Burnett-Cornerback-Central Florida
Giants: Ryan Purvis-Tight End-Boston College
Titans: Cedric Dockery-Offensive Guard-Texas
Cardinals: Alex Magee-Defensive Tackle-Purdue
Steelers: Patrick Turner-Wide Receiver-USC


Lions: Quan Crosby-Wide Receiver-Texas
Rams: Roger Allen-Guard-Missouri Western State
Chiefs: Darius Hill-Tight End-Ball State
Seahawks: Frantz Joseph-Inside Linebacker-Florida Atlantic
Dolphins (Browns): Jasper Brinkley-Inside Linebacker-South Carlina
Bengals: Andrew Gardner-Offensive Tackle-Georgia Tech
Raiders: Morgan Trent-Cornerback-michigan
Jaguars: Michael Bennett-Defensive End-Texas A&M
Packers: Marlon Lucky-Running Back-Nebraska
49ers: Greg Isander-Offensive Guard-West Virginia
Bills: Kevin Ogletree-Wide Receiver-Virginia
Broncos: Ryan Palmer-Cornerback-Texas
Redskins: Ian Johnson-Running Back-Boise State
Saints: Brannan Southerland-Fullback-Georgia
Texans: Worrell Williams-Inside Linebacker-California
Chargers: Tony Fiammetta-Fullback-Syracuse
Jets: Brandon underwood-Safety-Cincinnati
Bears: Gantrell Johnson-Running Back-Colorado State
Buccaneers: Keegan Herring-Running Back-Arizona State
Cowboys: Ray Feinga-Guard-BYU
Eagles: Brooks Foster-Wide Receiver-North Carolina
Vikings: Derek Walker-Defensive End-Illinois
Patriots: CJ Spillman-Safety-Marshall
Falcons: Deon Butler-Wide Receiver-Penn State
Dolphins: Edwin Williams-Center-Maryland
Ravens: Eric Moncur-Defensive End-Miami Florida
Colts: Tom Brandstater-Quarterback-Fresno State
Dolphins (Panthers): Kaluka Maiava-Linebacker-USC
Giants: Ian Campbell-Defensive End-Kansas State
Titans: Chase Daniel-Quarterback-Missouri
Cardinals: Curtis Taylor-Safety-LSU
Steelers: Anthony Heygood-Linebacker-Purdue

01-28-2009, 12:29 PM
i believe&feel that we'll grab more than one OL in the draft...i'm thinking 2-3 OL will be grabbed in the draft...i think this upcoming draft will still be a meat&potatos draft for us...

01-28-2009, 12:34 PM
interesting. I'm gona get something to eat (really hungry), and then look over the whole post. Give you credit for doing something that took a lot of work and patience

01-28-2009, 01:24 PM
Jasper Brinkley as a 7th rounder? I'm not a draft guru, but that seems WAY low for such a quality ILB.

01-28-2009, 01:29 PM
I am with you about Jasper. The problem is that he has many red flags that include legal history, attitude problems, and injury concerns. I think Jasper is a guy that will truely fall in April. I like the kid so I hope he gets drafted but we shall see. I admit his skill should put him in Round 4.

ChambersWI, Thanks man. I just received some tape on Virginia vs Maryland so I am going to have a full report on Clint Sintim, Antonio Appleby, Kevin Ogletree, Eugene Monroe, Dane Rudolph, Edwin Williams, Scott Burley, Dan Gronkowski, John Phillips, Darrius-Heyward Bey, Kevin Barnes, Jeremy Navarre, David Phillistin, Trey Covington, Moise Fokou etc.

I have a draft database that I set up from my home. I am trying to get my hands on as many tapes as I can.

01-28-2009, 01:33 PM
some one should tell him the chargers traded their 3rd rd this year for last years and will not be on the 3rd rd.

01-28-2009, 01:33 PM
I think the Dolphins will acquire more picks before draft day as I could see them moving John Beck and Samson Satele.

I also expect them to make some cuts to free up some cap space which could include Ernest Wilford($1.5 mill), Reggie Torbor ($2.5 mill), and possibly Vonnie Holliday ($3.5 mill). Jason Allen's days of being a Dolphin could see the end as well.

I don't know about your meat and patatoes idea my man. We did that last year and I think locking up Carey and Jason Brown via free agency solidifies our line. We defiantly need some depth at Offensive Tackle but Center and Guard position should be filled.

There is no questions that a pass rushing Outside Linebacker, Safety, and Cornerback are our most pressing needs. We only have one starter from 2008 left in our secondary, Will Allen. We need to upgrade at Free Safety over Renaldo Hill.

01-28-2009, 01:34 PM
Oh I wasn't aware. What did the Chargers trade their Round 3 pick for?

01-28-2009, 01:40 PM
If you replaced Marks with Luigs in the 2nd, that Dolphins off-season would be AMAZING! Although I'm not all that thrilled about passing on Brian Cushing AND Sean Smith in favor of Larry English. If that was the way the rest of our draft played out though, I wouldn't be that upset about it. :)

Great effort man! Thanks!

01-28-2009, 01:51 PM
That post took a lot of thought and work. No doubt, "A" for effort.

01-28-2009, 02:03 PM
yeah but your dealing in hypotheticals. whats the odds of us getting jason brown? we need o lineman badly. perhaps everything right of jake needs some sort of attention. not saying we need to draft 4 o lineman. but we cant just accept the current situation. like your tyson quote says ''we had a plan till the ravens defense walked up the interior of our line and punched us in the face''. if by draft time the trifecta isnt 100% on smileys return, donald thomas or sateles status we should address o line and do it heavily.

01-28-2009, 02:07 PM
The odds of us getting Jason Brown are great if we want him. He is priority #4 here in Baltimore behind Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis, and Bart Scott. We are in terrific cap space with $28 million in cap room. Everything on these draft boards in terms of mocks are based off hypotheticals. If our front office wants Parcells, he is ours

01-28-2009, 02:20 PM
A lot of interesting picks, some I don't agree with but I can understand why you have players going where they are going.

Only one I don't agree with is the Rams taking Crabtree. With Torry Holt still being pretty good, the emergence of Donnie Avery as a rookie, Dane Looker being an underrated WR, and the potention of Keenan Burton and Derrick Stanley, there is no reason to draft a WR early. They don't even need to go OT, they could use Aaron Curry; the perfect fit for Spanoulo's defense.

Other than that, I can't argue much about the draft.

01-28-2009, 02:21 PM
I will defend the Larry English pick by saying if the Dolphins could have any player in this draft besides Aaron Curry, I would want them to have Larry English. This guy is the perfect fit for our 3-4 defensive and he will flourish playing opposite of Porter. This guy really reminds me of Dermacus Ware and by saying that I am not saying that he is going to come in the league and get 20 sacks as a rookie. Youtube him and you will see what I mean. The kid plays with a fire and is one of the best pass-rushers I have seen in a long time. His weakness is playing against the run, luckily for us we have Matt Roth who is one of the best there is. I 100% endorse Larry English as our pick. I have 3 of his games on tape and will be watching and reporting so stay tuned. You don't know me so I can't say trust me but I will say this, Larry English is an impact player on defense and having him and Joey Porter rush the Quarterback would allow me and you to be starting corners for the Dolphins.

01-28-2009, 02:25 PM
I hear the Rams front office is really pushing for Crabtree to be a Ram. Holt has requested a trade and is not happy in St. Louis. I think Holt could be heading to Philadelphia. Donnie Avery is defiantly an up and coming but he is a perfect complement to Crabtree.

Nappy Roots
01-28-2009, 02:26 PM
Brown is also a restricted FA, so we would have to give a pick for him...

01-28-2009, 02:28 PM
If I were the Lions with #1 overall, I'd take Curry for sure

01-28-2009, 02:29 PM
Probably a 3rd Rounder for the best Center in football. I'd do it

01-28-2009, 02:30 PM
My mock is defiantly premature. After the combine we will have a better idea of how things shake up. One guy I want us to stay clear from is Percy Harvin. I don't like how his game will translate to the NFL.

01-28-2009, 02:43 PM
of course this hypothetical. but seriously you think we can get jason brown. the guys a beast. so even if the ravens are willing to let him go, as young as he is being as much of a beast as he is. we are not the only ones in good cap shape. it will be a bidding war something i dont think the fo is interested in getting into.

01-28-2009, 02:45 PM
oh yeah. the ravens are gonna want more than a 3rd for the best center in football.

01-28-2009, 03:25 PM
They don't have a choice if they can't afford him. If they tender him as a 1st Rounder they b etter have the cash to pay him or they could get zero compensation for him.

Looking at the teams with good cap space..

The Buccaneers just gave their Center Jeff Faine a huge contract last year. The Titans are next and I think they are safe at Center with Kevin Mawae. While he might not be young, their GM wouldn't be that foolish to invest so much money in one position. We are #6 in terms of cap space so I think it's a great situation for us and Brown. You could put Satele on the block and probably get the 3rd rounder you gave up for Brown. Football Economics to the t

01-28-2009, 03:29 PM

That is a sick pic of Landford.

01-28-2009, 08:27 PM
I am ALMOST positive that Brown is a UFA.

And two points on him potentially coming here. One, by all accounts, the interior of the line is a major priority for the Trifecta this offseason. And we saw last year that when they want a guy, they will get him in here. See Justin Smiley, signed literally hours after midnight on the day free agency began. This is not Parcells' first circus. Unlike Nick Saban, who couldnt attract a FA if his life depended on it, this guy knows how to work the system to get them in here, and once they're in here, he makes them feel wanted (the money helps too). Oh, and his reputation around the league among players is second to none. They want to play for the miracle worker himself. And secondly, the Dolphins are going to be a real attractive spot for UFAs. The city is terrific (weather, nightlife, golf etc.), and they are no longer the 1-15 or 6-10 Dolphins... They are division champions. No longer are there questions at QB. Its an entirely new situation. Should be fun.

01-28-2009, 08:56 PM
Brown is a UFA, for sure. He was a RFA last year and signed a 1 yr deal Apr 22, 2008


01-28-2009, 09:50 PM
I like this mock a lot, the only thing i see missing is a backup OT in the later rounds.

01-28-2009, 10:29 PM
nice effort.

william moore is roy williams like in coverage. can't cover a paper bag. we need a ballhawk who can cover at safety.

i personally think english is overrated. not good in space. high motor yes but does not change direction fluidly. 2nd round pick imo.

sintim was exposed in the senior bowl practices and game. he's lost in coverage and stiff in the hips. not good in space.

SCLSU Mud Dogs
01-29-2009, 12:14 AM
Great effort

Hell of alot better than the mock Kiper put out. I don't see why they have put such value and praise on stafford and sanchez, and by your mock you seem to feel the same way. I definitely could go for a draft/free agency like that

01-29-2009, 12:57 AM
Brown is restricted.


01-29-2009, 02:10 AM
Brown is restricted.


That site is wrong. He has 4 accrued seasons. His contract has ran out. He is in the same boat as Channing Crowder. 4 accrued seasons and contract ran out = UFA

01-29-2009, 02:36 AM
I would love to get Karlos Dansby, LB AZ. He would be so much better than Crowder.

01-29-2009, 10:39 AM
I didn't consider Brown for one my FA moves because I thought he was a RFA and I would be certain the Ravens would give him a first round tender. If he is an UFA, he becomes one of my top FA targets with Karlos Dansby, Julius Peppers, or Chris Canty.

01-29-2009, 11:00 AM
Can the ravens afford to give him a 1st Round tender? Ray Lewis, Matt Stover, Bart Scott, Jim Leonard, Terrell Suggs, and Lorenzo Neal are all free-agents. I think they tender him as a 3rd Rounder

01-29-2009, 11:12 AM
Can the ravens afford to give him a 1st Round tender? Ray Lewis, Matt Stover, Bart Scott, Jim Leonard, Terrell Suggs, and Lorenzo Neal are all free-agents. I think they tender him as a 3rd Rounder

I agree. That's what we can hope for. If that happens, we should snatch him up quickly.

01-29-2009, 11:29 AM
Can the ravens afford to give him a 1st Round tender? Ray Lewis, Matt Stover, Bart Scott, Jim Leonard, Terrell Suggs, and Lorenzo Neal are all free-agents. I think they tender him as a 3rd Rounder

Tender who? If you mean Jason Brown, he has four seasons in the league, same as Channing Crowder, his contract is expired, same as Crowder, he is a pending UFA...same as Crowder.

01-29-2009, 12:37 PM

Even better

01-29-2009, 05:23 PM
I didn't consider Brown for one my FA moves because I thought he was a RFA and I would be certain the Ravens would give him a first round tender. If he is an UFA, he becomes one of my top FA targets with Karlos Dansby, Julius Peppers, or Chris Canty.

I don't expect us to pursue Canty. DE is really our strongest deepest position on the entire roster IMO, or at least on the defense. I guess it doesn't hurt to make your strength even stronger, but there are just too many other positions that need addressed first.

01-29-2009, 05:49 PM
I didn't consider Brown for one my FA moves because I thought he was a RFA and I would be certain the Ravens would give him a first round tender. If he is an UFA, he becomes one of my top FA targets with Karlos Dansby, Julius Peppers, or Chris Canty.

Julius Peppers is not a Free Agent, and Cantry would be a bad pick up 1/3 aint bad. lol

01-30-2009, 09:10 AM
I don't expect us to pursue Canty. DE is really our strongest deepest position on the entire roster IMO, or at least on the defense. I guess it doesn't hurt to make your strength even stronger, but there are just too many other positions that need addressed first.

:up: That's true, we do have talented younger players behind Holiday, so it would be best to invest that money somewhere else.

01-30-2009, 09:17 AM
Julius Peppers is not a Free Agent, and Cantry would be a bad pick up 1/3 aint bad. lol


Oh c'mon man. This is nit pickin'. Let me be more accurate for the "O.C.D." types. Julius Peppers will be a free agent on Febuary 28, 2009. Since he's definitely not going to sign a long-term deal with the Panthers, I believe it's safe to say he IS a free agent.


01-30-2009, 10:38 AM
Oh I wasn't aware. What did the Chargers trade their Round 3 pick for?

I am wrong the chargers traded their second rd pick

They picked a FB with the pats 2007 pick which was received as part of the trade of 7th overall pick to the saints and moving down to 10 .

patriots have 1 Rd1 , 2 Rd2 , 2 Rd3 picks....

01-30-2009, 03:06 PM
Didn't Canty sign an extension with Dallas? Or was that Marc Columbo?

01-30-2009, 03:18 PM

Lorenzo Rules
01-30-2009, 04:56 PM
hey I though we had two 6th round picks this year. what happened ? was the site i saw wrong or did i misread the draft chart . anways we always say fix both lines every freaking year so when in hell are we going to add some skill players this overrated offense of ours.?

01-31-2009, 12:35 AM

Oh c'mon man. This is nit pickin'. Let me be more accurate for the "O.C.D." types. Julius Peppers will be a free agent on Febuary 28, 2009. Since he's definitely not going to sign a long-term deal with the Panthers, I believe it's safe to say he IS a free agent.


I agree. All the guys were are discussing are pending free agents. Peppers is no different. Sure, he may get Franchised, but so may Dansby, or several others as well.