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01-29-2009, 01:02 AM
It's that time of the year again for us draftniks...

My 1/29/09 Mock:

1. LB - Brian Cushing - USC: I thought long and hard on this one, and this is where I think the chips will fall for us. I want B.J. Raji here, but I know he will not last that long. Duke Robinson is another option, but we can draft some good offensive linemen in the second round. We are extremely thin at LB, and this year’s crop of LBs is just as thin, so we should strike while the iron is hot. I picked Cushing over Clint Sintim because of versatility. Cushing can play all LB positions, and that will become more important if we don't re-sign Channing Crowder. Sintim is ONLY an outside pass rushing LB in the 3-4, we now have three of them in Joey Porter, Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson. What we need is someone more consistent than Roth on the other side, or someone who can play inside. Cushing is the best candidate on the draftboard this year.

2a. DT – Ron Brace - BC: Brace is creeping up the board after having a solid Senior Bowl week. Perfect replacement when Jason Ferguson is ready to step down. I like walterfootball.com’s pick (Sean Smith), but DT is a bigger need and he is the last remaining good 3-4 NT left on the board.

2b. C – Eric Wood – Louisville: – Two words…tough and nasty. Should do a better job than Satele when up against bigger NTs. I rather draft Oregon’sMax Unger, because he is the most versatile of all the centers, hopefully he slides here and we take him, but Wood is no slouch either.

3. CB – Mark Parsons – Ohio – I know this might look like a reach right now but it won’t be after the combine. I have a feeling he’s going to shoot up the draft board over the next two months. This kid has great skills and picking him here will be excellent value for us, I just hope if he’s there… we pick him. He would be a great pick and starter within a year or two for us. If Parsons is off the board, then we should pick San Jose State’s Coye Francies.

4. S - Chip Vaughn - Wake Forest – Strong safety with good size, should take over the position after a season or two behind Yeremiah Bell.

5. ILB - Worrell Williams - California - He had a very productive senior season, should provide quality depth on the inside.

Rest of our picks BPA.

Free Agent Moves

1. OLB - Karlos Dansby - Playmaking ILB. He's only 27 years old; this should be our BIG free agent splash. If we don’t get him, then we must re-sign Channing Crowder and go hard after DEs Julius Peppers or Chris Canty .

2. CB – Dunta Robinson –Change of scenery is what this guy needs. Great addition to our team. If he is re-signed by the Texans, then re-signing Andre Goodman is a must.

3. CB - Justin Miller -Great signing, with more experience, he could challenge for a starting spot or provide excellent dept for us, plus he would be a great KR specialist for us. He returned two TD last December and was named AFC special teams player for that month.

4. OT - Vernon Carey - He deserves a long-term deal, and should be our main priority in re-signing.

5. SS - Yeremiah Bell - He won't have a big price tag and he wants to stay a Fin, and so do must of us.

6. FS - Renaldo Hill - I know this is a unpopular move, but I think he will come back to Miami at a very favorable price. He has been given credit for the overall improved play of our secondary once he became the starter. He'll be a temporary fix until we have an opportunity to replace him. It just might not happen this year.

Our team would look like this:

QB - Pennington, Henne, Beck
RB - Brown, Williams, Cobbs
WR - Ginn, Camarillo, Bess, London, Wilford, Perry
TE - Fasano, Martin, Haynos
LT – Long, Frye
LG - Smiley, Satele, Alleman
C – Wood Satele, Johnson
RG - Thomas, Satele, Ndukwe
RT - Carey, Ndukwe

DE - Holiday, Merling, Wright
NT - Ferguson, Brace, Starks
DE - Langford, Merling
WLB - Porter, Wake, Anderson
ILB - Ayodele, Williams
ILB - Dansby, Torbor
SLB - Cushing, Roth
CB - Robinson, Miller, Culver
CB - W. Allen, Parson, Billingsley
FS - Hill, J. Allen
SS - Bell, Vaughn

Whewww, that took some time. I hope you guys enjoy it and don’t pull any punches with your critique. This is just my initial mock; it will change a few times over the next couple of months. Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to all feedback. :woot:

01-29-2009, 01:05 AM
what about our three 7th rd picks?

01-29-2009, 01:11 AM
what about our three 7th rd picks?

I haven't gotten that far yet, so I put BPA (Best Player Available) for the rest of the picks, I will add names later.

01-29-2009, 02:40 AM
Dansby is the man, we do need him.

01-29-2009, 09:29 AM
What do you think about signing Phil Buchanon to play CB?

01-29-2009, 09:51 AM
What do you think about signing Phil Buchanon to play CB?

I like that idea. I was considering it when I choose to go with Justin Miller instead. Justin Miller is a special teams threat too, so that's why I went with instead but Buchanon is a good signing too.

01-29-2009, 10:08 AM
I think Dansy will be a guy in a Dolphin uniform. Not just becuase he praised Parcells in his Super Bowl interview either. Just a perfect fit

01-29-2009, 06:03 PM
Robertson will be franchised, he wont make it to FA, and if he does he will be over expensive. i wouldnt mind taking a shot, but the price will be nuts if he hits the market.

01-29-2009, 06:05 PM
Cushings is a solid pick due to his versability, but i cant see it. he is constantly hurt and frankly underachieved in any practice where he wasnt surrounded by the best D in the country. he played terrible at the senior bowl, and practiced terrible also. USC had a great DL, LB, and secondary, it is tuff to tell if cushings played well because of his talent or talent around him, all in all risky pick and it wont happen IMO