View Full Version : My Miami Mock(GUARANTEED SATISFACTION)-29/09-

01-29-2009, 06:52 PM
1-Duke Robinson,LG out of Oklahoma(6'5",335)

After the way their o-line got bullied around in the playoffs, Sparano want to get a big Guard to protect Pennington (and Ronnie Brown).Duke Robinson is one of the biggest and best guard in the 2009 draft class. Jake Long played well this year,and Duke will make the left side of their line virtually impenetrable

2-Sean Smith,S/CB out of Utah(6'3",215)

Sean Smith in incredible talent.He has elite speed(4.3/4.4),and he has freakish measurables(6'3",215),and is very agile,and has great recovery speed.Smith isn't far from startingh material,but needs to be more assertive and aggressive,but other than that,he is destoned for stardom

2b-Clay Matthews Jr.,SOLB out of USC(6'4",240)

Clay was always thought of as a special teams demon...mainly cause up unitl 08,he was one.But when light shinned on him...he danced.His bloodlines are rediculous(has sister attending USC,grandfather USC,farther USC,brother USC,etc.He has brute strength,and has great experience in the 3-4,and has the frame,talent,and competiveness to bulk up more and get heavier,and has good range.The biggest downfall is that he may not have enough starting experience to make an impact this year,but w/ a LB lover like Parcells,he'll come around soon enough.CLay will more than likely take over the SOLB spot,while I think Derek "Cameron" Wake will be worked in as Porter sucessor.Not to mention,unitl he comes into the defense consistantly,he is an OUTSTANDING special teams player,so he can contribute all over the field,so its sort of a "kill two birds with one stone" kinda pick,cause as you may know,in orser to stay in the NFL,your going to ahve to be ready to do anything,otherwise they'll find someone else to take your place,and can play ILB or OLB

3-Ramses Barden,WR out of Cal poly(6'6",227)

Listening to experts,this guy is not far from startinmg material,and the biggest difference between him and Crabtree is that Crabtree is proably faster than Ramses,and perhaps a catcher,but had Ramses went to a school like USC,he would probably be the first WR off the board,make no mistake.50 touchdowns,all 4 season of consistant play,and has serious hops,along with that 6'6" frame and great strength for a college WR.Ramses can definately get better at getting off the line of scrimmage,and using the big body against the smaller DB's,but that can all be fixed with good coaching

4-Antonio Appleby,ILB/WOLB out of Virginia(6'4",255)

I really like Antonio,I think he has great size,and overall upside to make an impact on the Phins.He really reminds me of a lot like Shaun Phillips of the San Diego Chargers.He is big,fast,and srtong,and can stop the run,as well as get to the QB.Could be is starter one day,in my eyes.Antonio would play SOLB,as he is a run stopper,and can get a good rush in every now and then.But the ebst part about him is that eh can play both ILV or OLB,aswell as Clay Matthews

5-C.J. Davis,C/G out of Pittsburgh(6'5",310)

Really plays guard,but has some Center experience,and is athletic,and can move around inside the line.Satele lacks Davis's size and strength,so it will be entertaining to see who comes out ontop if it ever came down to a duel in TC between them...maybe Satele will bring his "A game"

7-D.J. Clark,CB out of Idaho State(6'2",200)

Clark has exceptional size,and speed.The only question is how much progression can he get as a 7th rounder?

7b-Sammie Lee-Hill,NT out of Stillman(6'4",330)

Hill is a project,especially coming from a small school,but so was Jason ferguson...minus the small school,but he might as well have,cause ferguson was drafted in the late 7th round,as will Hill,but Hill's potential is do good,it warrants 7th rounder,and who knows,he could end up being the best NT in the draft after a few years

7c-Scott Burley,RT out of Maryland(6'5",335)

Burley is a big linemen who will add nice depth behind Carey on the right-side of the line

01-29-2009, 07:05 PM
I really like the first 2 picks

01-29-2009, 07:19 PM
it's good, but i wouldn't guarantee it lol

01-29-2009, 07:45 PM
It's good, but I'm partially satisfied.

01-29-2009, 07:55 PM
picks 1-4 i like...picks 5-our three 7ths i'm not familiar with...but i think that'd be a good draft,but i also think we'll grab 2 OL within our first 4 rds...

01-29-2009, 08:23 PM
Nice picks...could not complain...

01-29-2009, 09:15 PM
I LOVE rounds 2-4, but why Duke in the first!?

If we take any OL in the first, it should be Alex Mack. Satele needs to be replaced or moved to guard, and Mack would step in Day 1 and start for the next 10+ years. Not to mention he'd be an absolute fixture at the Pro Bowl IMO.

01-29-2009, 09:52 PM
I LOVE rounds 2-4, but why Duke in the first!?

If we take any OL in the first, it should be Alex Mack. Satele needs to be replaced or moved to guard, and Mack would step in Day 1 and start for the next 10+ years. Not to mention he'd be an absolute fixture at the Pro Bowl IMO.
because Duke Robinson is quite possibly the best Guard in the draft,and can you picture him&Jake playing next to each other...oh man talk about nasty,mean,&both maulers...

01-30-2009, 01:55 PM
I like most of your mock except for picking Duke Robinson so high. He will still be around when we pick with the 1st of our 2nd round picks IMO. I just think he's to heavy footed to be taken in the 1st round and will struggle in pass protection especially against teams that run a tampa-2 sceem where the DT like to penetrate a rush the passer.

If the Steelers don't take Duke Robinson with there 1st round pick (31st or 32nd and which I don't think they will) he will be there for the taking when we get to our #45 pick.

I think we need a play maker in our secondary with our 1st round pick and therefore would take Alphonso Smith if he's still available. But I think we would have to trade up ahead of the Patriots to get Alphonso Smith because he seems to be the kind of corner Bill Belichek likes. A small, quick, playmaker who can also support the run.

01-30-2009, 03:21 PM
Not too bad.