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I haven't read it yet, but when i saw there was another article up, i couldn't help but hurry to FH and post this for everybody ! If boomer ever reads this, keep'em coming you know we all like your stuff :hi5:

EDIT: Boomer, herzlich made me cry this year by not declaring... but when you look at the big picture, we might have a shot at him next year, our schedule will be hard, statistically, we should end up between the 10th to 20th pick.... if we were to draft near the top ten there's a strong chance that we will be able to draft him

02-03-2009, 05:12 PM
Speaking of players I didn’t see, Western Ontarrio’s Vaughn Martin and JD Skoltnisky of James Madison fall into that category. Neither appears on my radar, although Martin, who was academically ineligible to join Michigan State in 2006 has intriguing size at 6’4 and 317lbs and is viewed as a classic one gap NT with real brute strength at the point. Skolnitsky is vastly undersized and he failed a routine drug test as a senior. I can say with some certainty that he won’t be on our board.

how weird would it be if we drafted a Canadian from London who Boomer scouted?

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I hope Boomer comes back to us and post in FinHeaven like he did in the past.

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how weird would it be if we drafted a Canadian from London who Boomer scouted?

Is he talking about V.Martin playing for the University of Western Ontario Mustangs in London,Ontario Canada?

He had a verbal agreement with Michigan St. and then the coaching staff got axed and the new guys went in a different direction so he landed back at Western after playing highschool ball in London,Ontario for South Lions.

If so there's no way he's an NFL quality player, he's good at the Canadian university level but not some dominant force.

02-04-2009, 01:15 AM
Even blind you'd hear " Herzlich in on the tackle " all game. Dude is a straight up football player and a beast. Nice article by Boomer I cant wait for the draft

02-04-2009, 02:01 AM
Its great articles like these that lead me to beleive about the importance of having smart people in the war room....Its not only the BPA, its not only Position of Need, its not BPA on PoN.....Its Best Player available on your board, considering other players on the team and their compatibility, functionality and scheme. So many quality draft choices have sunk into oblivion because of poor planning by coaches-GMs-even Owners (JJ), that leave many wondering what could have been in the right scheme or situation.
This regime surely seem to take that into consideration, and what I look forward to most come Draft time, is the excitement and value our draft choices will hopefully create. Barring injury, they WILL be a part of a succesful football team.

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Look forward to this every week. I could care less if the report is 250 pages long - I'd read every word of it.

Thanks for taking the time doing this and sharing it with us.

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great article dude!

ive read all 4

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Is there a # III report everytime a pull it up it comes up #4

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Boomer, two questions... well, make that three:
1. Do you think Nicks with the 25th over all is a reach?
2. Strictly your opinion (not saying either team is interested), would you trade our 1st round pick for either NE or NYG two 2nd rounders?
3. Did you ever get a chance to go back and look at 07 tape of Eric Wood?

02-11-2009, 07:11 PM
1, Not a reach at all.
2. Hmm. Tough one. Not to New England. Would depend who was on the board.
3. I didn't mate. Sorry.

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Is there a # III report everytime a pull it up it comes up #4
Yes there is a # III report. London Calling: Draft Winds III
http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports/columnists/hyde/blog/ It's the Feb 3rd entry a little more than halfway down the page.