View Full Version : Should we have traded Bouwmeester?

02-25-2009, 04:48 PM
He's one of the best Defensemen in the league and becomes a free agent this offseason...

I think with Bouw, we make the playoffs hands down, which is something we havent done in like 7 years..

But, Bouw doesn't like playing for the Panthers. His father once said in the paper, South Florida does not deserve a hockey team... I think he wants to play for a historic team with a tradition in winning or any Canadian team.. He doesn't like how the players live so far away from each other, and i bet he hates seeing the thousands of empty seats in the arena..

So it's becomming clear he'll be out of SoFla in the offseason.. So should we trade him now, when is stock is highest, or keep him, make the playoffs, possibly making a semi-deep run for the cup. And then just lose him without compensation?

I hope Bouw will resign with us, he's a cornerstone defensemen that can help us be a periennial playoff team. But if we can't resign him we might have to rebuild this franchise again next year...

I just hope he is in love with Vokoun, Zednik and all the role players here enough to resign a 6 year contract :)

03-02-2009, 02:13 AM
no one cares about the Panthers here?
this is a hot issue..

people need to recognize the panthers, they're for reals