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03-09-2009, 11:26 AM

V.Carey OG/OT
Y.Bell SS
C.Crowder ILB
J.Berger C/OG
J.Groves C
G.Wilson FS/SS
C.Wake OLB


C.Batch QB - just as a 3rd string emergency


S.Satele C/OG - 4th
J.Beck QB/Clipboard Holder - 6th


1. D.Butler CB 5'10 185pds 43"vert. Excellent CB that has what some are calling the most fluid hip's in the draft. He played some WR and showed really good hands (something our CB's have not shown in a long time)and he's also a very good kick returner to boot.

2. B.Robiskie WR 6'3 210pds 37.5"vert. One of the most polished WR's in terms of route running and technical skills, maybe the most NFL ready of any of the WR's coming into the draft. His numbers are not eye popping because of his QB situation but at the Senior bowl he shined with talent around him.

2. E.Hood DE/DT 6'3 300pds 34.5"vert, 4.91/40, 35reps at 225. An extremely powerful player that has a hemi for a motor. He dominated at the Senior bowl in one on one drills.

3. L.Sidbury OLB 6'4 251pds 4.64/40, 35"vert, 28reps at 225. This kid had a great combine and has pushed himself up a couple rounds.

4. J.Brinkley ILB 6'2 252pds 4.72/40, 35.5"vert, 26reps at 225. A big thumper in the middle to go along with Crowder and Akin.

4. A.Parrish OT 6'4 302pds A very athletic tackle and strong run blocker to give us alittle depth where it's strongly needed.

5. C.Baker NT 6'2 326pds 35.5"vert, 5.02/40. Pretty quick and explosive NT to learn behind Fergy for a couple years.

6. R.Miller NT 6'1 310pds 36reps at 225 4.97/40. Played some of his best ball when Orakpo was out. We NEED to get a real good NT to replace Fergy down the line so drafting a second NT is more for insurance that we get this right.

7. A.Kemp OG 6'5 313pds A steal here in the 7th getting a solid OG that played for a big time program.

7. J.Mauga ILB 6'1 243pds A tackling machine that is coming off surgery so won't be able to try out for teams before the draft, another solid value pick here.

7. W.Osaisai CB 5'10 200pds Track athlete that is worth a look in the 7th with great speed and good size.

03-09-2009, 12:13 PM
The Hood pick is baffling, but the rest looks fine.

03-09-2009, 12:20 PM
The Hood pick is baffling, but the rest looks fine.

Why's that? D-line depth is extremely important as is O-line depth.

03-09-2009, 04:59 PM
Robiske and Hood picks are just bad.

Elliott 1
03-09-2009, 06:09 PM
You may be right with Butler.