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03-10-2009, 06:07 PM
1:Clay Matthews,ROLB/ILB out of USC(6'3",243)
[guys PLEASE believe me(and anyone whose seen my previous mocks of 09) when I say I was the WORST "draft Matthews supporter".However,I watched some tapes of him on Youtube,and I was astonished he only got to start by default.He is better than any USC linebacker IMO,and it goes unnoticed cause of 4-year starer Maualuga,alongside Brian Cushing.Matthews has some of the best pass rushing pursuits in the draft,and is brute strong,and very agile.He was formally a ST demon,so oyu know we get the best of both worlds.I seriously see a starter when I watch Matthews on film,and has EXCELENT bloodlines to and through USC,the rest of college sports other than football,and also the NFL(more than 10 relatives).He is the real deal people]

2:Sean Smith,CB,FS out of Utah(6'3",215)
[Smith is a once in a bluemoon-type player.He can play safety with the height he possesses,but then he can play corner because of his amazing agility for his size.He is fast enough to keep up with most recievers,and can make an impact on bigger recievers in Miami players them.Todd Bowles is one of the best DB coaches in football,and if he can get his hands on Smith,I would be very intrigued what he'd play liek should he start]

2b:Ron Brace,NT out of Boston College(6'3",335)
[Brace has excelent size and strength for a 3-4 NT.Not real agile,and cant get to the QB as good as Raji,but can definately make an impact.Often compared to Jamaal Williams,in the fact that he may and WILL not get recognized for the sack numbers,but he collapses the pocket,and disrupts the backfield enough to make a differance rather than the actually play]

3:Ramses Barden,WR out of Cal-Poly(6'6",230)
[Barden is a good talent.Will never be the standout WR,but is destoned to be a potential starter in this league,and is ideal size opposite Ginn,and has the frame,hands,and speed to warrant the pick here]

4:Antonio Appleby,ILB/SOLB out of Virginia(6'4",250)
[Appleby is everything you look for in a future SOLB out ILB.He can take over Roths spot or Adoyeles in a year or two,and wil lbe better for it.Has the speed and tackling ability thats compared to that of San Deigo Chargers Shuan Phillips]

5:Ramon Foster,OT out of Tennessee(6'6",328)




TBD=too be determined....

03-10-2009, 06:37 PM
Solid picks, but a CB first (Butler) would free up the rest. Clay is a good player but i rather get a number 1 cover cb in butler then wait to get a S????

03-10-2009, 06:50 PM
i dont care for clay goin in 1st round